A new place New Friends.

As me and Pey explore more and more of SL and its many sights. We come upon a sim named Stonehaven.

Stonehaven at the time small was filled with what I can only call wonders of SL. Cages traps Bdsm until your ears explode.

The 1st day we arrive there Pey has to log almost right away. Me there alone left in the midis of BDSM I slap on a pair of cuffs with keys out I explore. With in a hour I am cuffed and caged by some other female. I am loving this Pey is no where around and yet I am having a blast. The next few weeks I spend every moment I can at Stonehaven, Most of the time inside the cage room. I would get cuffed caged and locked. Then Cheat out Yes I said it cheat out. Sighs bad to start but for me the lock up was the best part.

Pey spends most of her time there with me doing her crazy part time sub play . I recall one night when she was dressed as a green flying horse with huge wings. Getting pulled around Stonehaven in a hogtie yelling for my help. Of course I am laughing to hard to help her and so is half the sim so we let her live through it. Slowly I start to consider Stonehaven my home. A place I would return to many times over.

With in time the thrill of the cuffs and cages start to die off. I lose the cuffs and head out to explore a bit of my domme side. One night wandering around the vendor in Stonehaven This is most important. Because it causes events to unravel in ways no one can imagine..

I run into this girl who stands out from everyone else. With her sweet innocent look her what can only be called lost look in her eyes draws me to her. Her name is as innocent as she looks Rayn Halfpint. I immediately grab her keys and lock her up. She starts thowing what can only be called one hell of a hissy fit.

With Rayn at me feet. I am in a daze . For one she is not the Innocent sweet girl she looked like (at least not with those words she was using ) For two I am at a lost of what the hell I am going to do with her now. So I do what any good domme there would do ( Rolls eyes that’s a sarcastic remark ) I leave her there and head for the cage room in search of someone else.

Within a few moments I receive a demanding and very ooc IM to please come unlock her. I return to Rayns side and unlock her cuffs. All the time getting a earful from her so I leave and head back to the cage room. Not knowing to me at the time I had somehow kept her keys.

A few hours later me and Pey are up near the castle. When I over hear someone saying a sub got in trouble. Out of curiosity I head down to take a look. I stop dead in my tracks as I see Rayn kneeling down before what she was calling her Mistress. I realize what is going on and what they are talking about. Her keys that I have. I send the Mistress who we will call BJ from now on a message and explain to her its my fault and return the keys.. At this point BJ and Rayn tp away. A few moment later I receive a very kind message from Rayn. This message is a simple thank you for saving her ass.

I did not see Rayn around Stonehaven at all after that . Me and Pey continue to have good times there for awhile. Until I started to wonder what else was out there. So one night a I went sim exploring alone

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