A new start. My 1st alt

Its been A week since I logged out of SL. I sit down at my computer and log on. My friend still gone. The pain of her not been there. Still there though. Am not sure should be here. I spend the day and wander. Getting Imed from people who knew my friend. I cant take it. I log off crying. I sit there staring at the SL log in screen. Knowing I cant return and face that. So I create a Alt.

The 1st few days back I do nothing more then wonder. I feel alone and lost. Refusing to talk to anyone. I didn’t feel like I belong there anymore. I find some places to hang out. But nothing feels right.

One day I am sitting at house Nishi and see this other girl. I watch her from a far read her profile. She is new but what draws me to her is her collar. She looks allot like my friend as well. I send her a fast hello. Afraid of what will be said I Am still depressed at this point. She is friendly and funny . We talked for hours that night. She explained her collar and RLV. We set a date to hook up.

For the 1st time since my friend left I felt good. Logging off I thought maybe 2nd life deserved a 2nd chance.

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