Murder and the escape of the Eagle.

While sim exploring I came onto a sim called GHUL Jail. Looking around I saw it was based on prison term role-play with courts dates and all that jazz. The thought of this brought a rush through me . I vastly sent them my note card telling them I wished to be a inmate for a unlimited amount of time. ( Yea yea I know I don’t think some times ) With in a few days I was arrested and sent to GHUL Prison. My court date set for 2 weeks later I was arrested on SL murder charges.

During my 2 weeks I sit and wait for my court date. The Role-play is dull and I am getting very little yard time. But I am determine to stick it out. Pey my good friend gets arrested as a drunk to come visit me. Seen her brings a tear to my eye my court date now in 2 days.

My court date is here and the role-play for it has picked up. Standing in the court room with two guards a lawyer and the judge, The judge ask me how I plead . I tell him to screw off. I mean it is RP after all. The judge informs me of all the evidence against me my lawyer pleads with me in my ear ..Ims… To just plead guilty and get out sooner. Since the inside role-play as I said was getting dull I plead guilty on all charges. And am sentenced to 4 months. 4 MONTHS!!! I yell I cant do 4 months in here I thought a week maybe. Back in my cell I contemplate my state.

I have a few choices as far as I can tell at this moment. 1 I can stick it out and most likely hate SL with in a few weeks and never return. This is not a good option. Option 2 I cheat out and say screw them and go on with SL life. This is also not a option as I have Morals and promised I would stick it out. ( Ohhh sure NOW I have morals. Sighs. ) Option 3 I beg them to release me or lower my time Telling them its to much. Again this not a option as it would be giving up. So I take option 4 the only one I can take. The only one any sane person would do (rolls eyes) . I log off SL and….. Create a alt. I name her Eagle since she is free as a eagle.

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