The Eagle and Wolf Collide.

Its been about a week now since Eagle came alive. I have told Pey of my alt and she accepts it. I am back spending my time half at Stonehaven with friends . And half at the Ghul prison making friends there.

Me and Pey spend most of are time just making trouble and submitting to the wana bee Doms. Nothing to thrilling or exciting is going on at this time. One night sitting up near the castle I overhear this women talking . She makes me clinch with every word she says. She sounds like a know it all. Her name is Yasmin Heartsdale and she is making me hate dommes with her words. I am getting aggravated the more she speaks. I log off Sl in a hissy

I log back on as Wolfy to spend some jail time alone. And to unwind from what the Domme was saying. I notice that BJ is online so I send her a message asking how Rayn is. We talk for over a hour about Rayn and about the crappy roll play there in the jail.

The next day sitting there in the jail as wolfy. I get a surprise BJ and Rayn are there to Visit and talk to me about breaking me out. I am a little shocked at all this. A fast insertion here. To tell you how bratty Rayn was (still is) With in a half hour of this visit. She gets banned from the sim for making the warden sit like a female. ( please don’t ask how I never asked I don’t want to know. Lets just leave it at that.) They leave from there visit and leave me to my thoughts.

I am in a mind spin BJ and Rayn wish me to finish my jail term with them. But how to-do this is the question. 1 I could break out. No to mush work and I would get caught. 2 I cheat out and leave the jail. No then why would I finish it with BJ and Rayn.3 I ask to be transferred to them. No this sounds silly. I finally come up with a idea I simply Create a alt ( No I don’t just joking) What I do is I give them Eagle. With the understanding that when Wolfy is out she dies. So here we have I Wolfy finishing her 4 months in GHUL . Eagle serving Rayn and BJ . Life looked good.

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