The start of a Second Life

I have landed in the mist of the unknowing (Help Island ) I take those 1st few steps and wince , I walk and look like a duck out of water. Feel the same way as well. I look around for it I do not see it. My friend said something about a teleport. I have no clue what this is or how to get it.

I walk around wincing at each step. Wondering if this is the place for me to be. Trying to figure out what I am doing. And not doing a good job at it. Blue pop up …Come join me in… That must be the teleport. I take it black screen the 1st of many in SL.

I land in a new place in SL Looking right at my friend. She looks so good as she stands there. She takes a few steps towards me. How? How does she walk so well. She speaks to me and welcomes me to SL. 4-6 hours later I stand next to her new skin new hair. Walking like a duck in water ( crappy ao at the time. ) ALLOT better understanding of SL and the functions of it.

Over the next few weeks we laugh we giggle we cry we explore SL. I am happy second life is wonderful.

4 weeks to my rez date. I am happy I so much want share this date with my friend. I log on and IM her. With in a few words I can tell something is wrong. I tp to her in a rush. With few words she tell me she must leave SL do to personal RL reasons I can not share here.

The day I Was so happy about. Had turned into the day I wish I never had. We spend several hours crying and holding each others. Few words are spoke between us. The words finally come that I pray never will. She must log off. The good byes are said. She logs off and my SL crumbles. My one and only friend in SL gone I sit there and cry for what seems like hours. I log off SL with no need or want to return…

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