The Rayn and BJ Times

Now understand the time with BJ and Rayn was awesome. Sighs who am I kidding it was as bad as Ghul. It wasn’t long before me and Rayn were about to kill each others. BJ is boring the crap out of me. And I am spending most of my time logged on as Wolfy anyway. Life does not look good.

I decided not to make this part as long as I was going to because think it can be summed up pretty fast.

Most of the time spent with BJ and Rayn was spent in a cell. Now this been no different then been at GHUL prison with Wolfy. And at this point in time I hated cages still. The only real difference was. That I was having more fun as Wolfy then I was as Eagle. The time spent as eagle was most of the time with BJ yakking about her friends this and that. Yawns. Rayn was hardly really around and when she is I could tell she hated that I was there. She was rude bratty and just down right unpleasant.

So I came up with a scheme to get rid of her. Well at least away to keep her busy for awhile. I told her and talked her into taking the sub quest. Knowing it would keep her busy for at least a week.

Sadly in doing this I made my frustration more. By keeping the one busy who was the reason I agreed to this dam idea. I did start to slowly open up to BJ. I at one point admitted my feelings for Rayn. What I got back was a simple reminder at that point that Rayn belonged to BJ. Sadly this made me more unhappy and could tell Rayn was also not happy I was there.

Wile logged on with eagle I received a IM from Pey That Stonehaven was moving. This brought a tear to my eye and I know I had to-do something. Had to because for me moving somehow transmitted in my mind as closing down. So I did something I thought was very smart at the time ( NO I did NOT make A alt shheesh I know you were thinking that) No what I did was remove Rayn and BJ from wolfys friends list. Broke her out of jail and hit Stonehaven with her. Hardly ever logging on with Eagle again. Basically dumping Rayn and BJ. ( woohoo down to one AVI now rolls eyes )

4 comments so far

  1. Rayn Halfpint on

    OMG you BITCH. (Oh and BTW, Love ya!)

  2. Yasmin Heartsdale on

    Ooooooh, I love a good tale. *chews popcorn* Lets hear more about this Domme bitch Yasmin, she sounds deliciously wicked…. And make sure to talk about the time that Rayn chick lost all her clothes and ran thru Linden Village.

  3. Yar Telling on

    For anyone who wishes Have photos of Rayn doing that just send a IM to Yar Telling in care of Rayns nude photo’s.

    And Stop eating popcorn its bad for you. And yes more is to come of this Domme 😛

  4. raynhalfpint on

    You told me you shredded those. And keep eating popcorn, but be careful not to choke on it as you read Yar’s lies…er…exaggerations.

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