A Idea A Mistress A falling out.

Having wolfy free was strange. I hit Stonehaven with the idea to have fun and move on with life.

The 1st week is easy to sum up I spent most of my time with Pey hanging out at Stonehaven. But I was slowly starting to miss my friends at GHUL as well. So I decided to log on as Kitt for a few hours every day. But had changed Kitt into a male avi and went to Ghul . Not as a inmate but as a guard. I am not gone go into details about Kitts now 2nd life in Sl. Because it was mostly GHUL guard rp and it was pretty boring stuff.

As me and Pey hung out at Stonehaven we slowly came up with a idea to start making collars, Pey and I were getting pretty good at it fast. ( Ok ok I am lying here Pey was getting good at it I was just good at looking good. Ohhh yea I was HOT to trot. ) Anyway Pey was getting good at the collar stuff as I was pretending to know what I was doing.

One night as me and Pey were testing out a new collar we made ( Ok SHE made.) . We run into this lady. Who seems very nice and very informed on business issues. We will call her Z for now . Z talked to us for several days about are idea and about her business ideas. We fast became a 3 some partnership

Pey started spending most of her time on the collars as me and Z started to get close. One night Z admitted to me she was a he in rl. Now this didn’t bug me at all and we carried on from there are friendship and closeness growing fast. To the point she offered me a trial collar. And I took it easy with out thinking strait ( like I have thought strait at all so far. Rolls eyes ) I was now again collared by someone fast just for the feel of it and the need to be excepted.

Z was not very controlling at all and I basically had all the free time I wanted. Most spent at Stonehaven or logged on as Kitt in the Ghul jail. Of course no one knew that Kitt was back at all.

One night not thinking (shrugs or maybe I was thinking ) I logged on as Kitt and went and faced BJ with the news. Telling her everything from the alts to the new Mistress to the deep feelings had for Rayn. What I got back was a good luck in life a pat on the back and a goodbye. Personally I think she ran to Rayn right after with the news. In hopes of keeping Rayn away from me. And to be honest I cant blame her for that ( I did at the time ) I would have done the same. But I logged off that night feeling good about what I had just done.

A few days later I log on and get a message from Z to please come talk to her. Been the good sub I am I wait 2 hours then tp to her. And ask her what’s up. No we were not on a yes Mistress no Mistress platform. As I said she was not controlling at all. looking back now not into D/s allot really.

The words she spoke to this day still make me grumble in hate. Her words were simple yet at that point hit home hard . She simply said . Wolfy to show your trust in me I wish for you to hand over your credit card numbers. Been the person I am ( NO I did not give her them sheesh I am not that dump. Stop thinking ahead of the story ) Been the person I am I log off pissed as hell What was Z thinking?? I stayed logged off for a day. When I finally do log on I go to Z. Knowing what I thought I knew about D/s I ask for release. Her answer was simple. NO. I log off pissed again. She cant do this to me I think so I log on and send her a IM . Again asking her for release and getting the same answer. I log off and log on as Kitt to cool off. I hit Stonehaven as Kitt to make some trouble. As I get there I see her yes HER. The domme who drove me nuts before. Yasmin Heartsdale. I log off with a sigh and remain off for the next 2 days.

After 2 days I log back on as Wolfy cool and collected. And approach Z and ask for release. Her answer been the same NO. I calmly take off the collar (not been in rlv at the time .) Place it at her feet and log off. And flip my computer the middle finger. ( yea it did do some good it made me feel better so :PP ) Leaving Z. Pey. And the collar business behind. I had had enough of it. I spend about a week logged on simply as Kitt. Until Stonehaven starts to call my name again.

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  1. raynhalfpint on

    Yep, BJ gave me a notecard of the conversation when it happened, and I kept it to myself until you told me yourself.

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