A new Stonehaven A new adventure

Now as I was spending time in GHUL as a guard Stonehaven kept calling my name. Now I know what your thinking, Why not just head over to Stonehaven as Kitt. Was it because Kitt was now a male AVI? No not at all that didn’t bug me. What bugged me was people knew Kitt as 1 a head strong guard. And 2 as a alt to a few other alts ( sighs )

So with that in mind I do something Amazing. ( Not really more like Amazingly dumb ) I create a Alt. I name this alt Shasta and why the name Shasta? Simply because I was running out of names to make Avis and I was drinking Shasta soda at the time.

Now to be honest I don’t recall if it was 1-2 or 3 weeks I was there as Shasta. Before I realized Stonehaven just didn’t feel like home anymore. I was also slowly loosing my enjoyment for Ghul as well. Seen as Ghul was now becoming all men. The thrill and excitement leaving me. So I came up with a idea. ( insert rude comment here about it not been a alt ) I simply give up caring.

I spend most of my day getting locked up and cheating out not caring who knew. Heck I was looking for ways to cheat. Getting blocked by cuffs pffft didn’t mean anything . Had a work around with that. Mouselock was also a joke as it didn’t effect me with the tricks I new. Blindfolds were also a joke as I found out removing the HUD prevented you from going blind. And no I wont tell you the tricks. For one 99% of them have since been fixed ( you rock Marine Kelly ) And the other 1% are just that cheats so don’t ask I am not telling. ( At least I am not Telling yet. You’ll get this joke later )

Now spending your time as a cheat might sound fun at 1st . But to be honest it wasn’t.. One night sitting on the Stonehaven patio working on a cheat I had discovered. A cheat to reset and remove your cuffs with out logging into SLV. ( no it was fixed it don’t work now don’t ask ) Sitting there low and behold who comes and sits next to me . No other then Rayn Halfpint. Now feeling as I was it wasn’t long before I sent Rayn a IM simply saying . Don’t give me any shit. Her response was a simple hu? At the point I explain to her who I was, And received a simple I don’t care.

Now having Rayn say those words at that time did nothing more then piss me off to no end. Over the next few days I did nothing more then try to aggravate Rayn in anyway I could. From spreading rumors about her and her love for animals. To just been rude when she was around. And trying my hardest to not be aggravated my self by the other person who seem to always be around. A Yasmin Heartsdale yes the same one as before.

Unknowing to Yasmin or Rayn or myself. Yasmin was about to turn all are lives upside down and inside out.

7 comments so far

  1. raynhalfpint on

    1) I knew it was you spreading the rumors. 2) I didn’t care because nothing from you surprised me at that point, and 3) You were, as Yasmin put it, an “Anal-Lovin, Hoochie Mamma. *Giggles*

  2. Yasmin Heartsdale on

    Oh my, did I leave that title on Shasta’s evil titler not knowing it was Yar? Too Funny!!!!

  3. Rayn Halfpint on

    Yes, you did. You did not know that until now?

  4. Yasmin Heartsdale on

    I’ve left that titler hundreds of times.

  5. raynhalfpint on

    Yes, but was it ever so fitting?

  6. Yasmin Heartsdale on

    No it was not.

  7. yartelling on

    Rollseyes behave both of you lol sheesh

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