A Fast Break.

Before I move on I wish to clear some stuff up. 1st I am giving Goddess Yasmin allot of grief in the next blogs to come. Do I regret what I did. Yes to a extent. But I would never change it because it leads me to where I am now. Also I talk about some events that at the time I was to self absorbed to enjoy. I look back now at photos. One of my collar that says Yasmins Bitch. And am proud of it now. I also look at it and it saddens me. For the sheer reason….. That I missed out on some wonderful enjoyment. Sometimes I wish I could relive those few days. For the mere fact of enjoying it. I might not say it but I learned allot from what went on. And I recommend to anyone that finds themselves where I was to let the anger and frustration go. And to truly enjoy it. Don’t loose that chance a chance you only get one time. ….. And Goddess love you. And hope nothing in the next few blogs upset you. But as I know you would want and Expect honesty. So hear is the rest of the story.

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  1. Yasmin Heartsdale on

    You cannot upset me sweetie. My love for you washes away everything.

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