Am I Famous?

Now as I said before I logged from sl with the feeling something had to be done. I sat there and thought about what I could do. I was not able to aggravate Yasmin with Shasta. Rayn would talk to me when she was in fear. ( sighs yea the small crush died at this point I know fast ) No one feared little old cheating Shasta. So I sit there looking at the log in screen thinking of what to-do. I snap my fingers with a idea. I head to the Second Life homepage And very fast ( because I had done it how many times now? ) set up yup you guessed it a Alt.

I log on as Yar Telling ( you get the Telling joke now from before? ) a fresh new alt. I spend the time needed to set it up .Ao Hair skin all that good stuff. I head on over to Stonehaven. With the idea to use Yar to aggravate Yasmin and use Shasta to get close to her. No I really had no clue what good any of this would do but sounded like a good idea.

I land at Stonehaven in the little landing box. Not even did I step out of that box I saw her on radar Yasmin Heartsdale. This was to good to be true I send her a fast IM and act like I know her. She falls for it hook line and sinker. Now the funny part is with in that 10 min conversation She had somehow thought I was Marine Kelly’s alt. Did I tell her the truth? Did I correct her in any way? Ohhh hell no I was at that instant FAMOUS . At least as far as Yasmin believed. This could work she thinks im Marines alt Giggles. I log off and back on as Shasta not wanting to push my luck to far the 1st day. I am feeling good I head to the patio with cuffs on and keys out knowing I could defeat the world. I even went and saw Rayn and made her feel safer.


I spend the next few days login in as Yar and Shasta switching them back and forth. My other avi Kitt pretty much dead. Was never used again I don’t think. Using Shasta to not let anyone think I was Yar. And using Yar to slowly drive Yasmin Nuts. With in a day or so I had her fully convinced I was Marine Kelly’s alt. To the point she was Imin me every chance she got to try and nudge it out of me if I really was her. See I never told her I was. I just never told her I wasn’t..

There was also a Stonehaven Slave auction coming up about the same time all this took place. I had even sworn as Yar that if I won Yasmin in this auction I would tell her who I was. Well I didn’t 1st my friend never lent me the money he said he was going to. And 2nd I think it would have went bad for both of us if I had ( and nope I will not tell you what I had planned for her. Lets just say LIMIT pusher )

Now me and Yasmin were having allot of run ins with each others. Both as Shasta and as Yar (aka Marine Kelly ) There 2 events that I fully remember. The 1st one as Shasta makes me laugh still. I was up at Yasmins house as Shasta bugging Rayn and Yasmin and somehow Yasmin got my cuff keys. Well long story short she had me jump over the fence nude down to the patio below. And wanted me to stay there until the timers ended. Sadly I made some excuse to her . Something alone the lines that every time I logged my timers reset. Yes I could have just cheated out of them and she would had not knowing any better. But I wanted to bug her so I talk her into coming to release me. To be honest looking back I wish I hadn’t and had lived through that. Not only did I lie but I lost the enjoyment of some real fun. The second event that took place as Yar I recall clear as day. I could latterly show you the spot it took place on. The clothes I had on and the way my cuffs were locked. I think I recall this so clearly because Yasmin had for the 1st time scared the holy crap out of me. We were in the middle of the Stonehaven field. I can still see the latex she had on. She had just gotten Yars keys and had locked her in a 6 u shape lock. There she stood staring strait at me. I forget the full conversation but I do recall the words that almost made me log shaking. Yasmin stood there and I could tell….Feel how calm she was as she said. You will tell me who you really are in 24 hours. Or I will leave you in the darkest deepest pit in SL that you will never get out of. Now could she have really done this? Well no of course not. Did I fully believe she could and or would? Ohh hell yes I did. Would she if she could? Naww she is a big softy. 

Right after that say with in 10 mins I realized it was time to back off of Yasmin. She was about to loose her grip. And I was in her line of fire

I log back in as Shasta. Ooops mistake I logged in as Yar and didn’t catch the mistake in time. I head to the patio fully thinking I am Shasta ( I was tired its not that hard of a mistake to make) Sitting there board as hell I decide to set my own auto locks. I didn’t set a timer my plan was to have them lock unlock them then blame people for it. You know start a little drama.

I sit there for about 30 mins and poof the auto locks go off. I bitch for a min and type /77 . For those who don’t know what that is it’s a command to bring up your cuff menus fast. I type it ready to unlock myself. Before I can Sam grasp my keys. Ohh wonderful I think this is one of Yasmins girls. I so much at the point wanted to log off but I don’t. Sam firstly changes my cuffs and hogties me. Leashing me and pulling me up to Yasmins house. At this point this was the last place I wanted to be .I am just about to hit the log off button and who shows up no other then Yasmin herself. For some strange reason at this point I had something to prove. Not to myself but to Yasmin that she couldn’t scare me even though I was really scared. There I was leashed and locked to a post in Yasmins house. Yasmins and Sam both giving me shit about wanting to be on my knees and stuff. Yasmin takes my keys from Sam. And relocks my cuffs. Gags me and changes the text on my collar to YASMINS BITCH. Ohhhh I was now Pissed off I was thinking of ways to burry her in Sl for 1 I really didn’t like collars at that point nor was I Yasmins Bitch. Nor would I ever be hers at all. At this point I am removed from the post. Thinking to myself I knew they were all talk I am getting released. Wrong I am caged gagged blindfolded and deafen and fully blocked in ML.

Now I know what your thinking I did 1 make a alt. No I did not. 2 log on as Shasta . No I didn’t do that ether. 3 cheat out. Nope. No I did none of this at this point I had something to prove to her. And looking back. To myself as well. What I did do even shocks me to this day. I log off of Sl steaming mad. I close down Shasta’s account and all the other alts. I have came to a point I had to prove I could deal with this. And I knew it would show that everything Rayn had said about me was wrong.

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  1. Rayn Halfpint on

    1. At the house yasmin got your cuff keys because she touched your xcite multiple times to the point you (well you know) and took a picture. She threatened to put the picture on the picture board if you did not give her your keys. She then told you that you had to the count of 10 to get the hell out of there. BTW she knew your intent for coming to her house and purposely turned it aorund on you.

    2. She threatened me with the same thing (burying me in a huge pit that I could never crawl out of jsut for struggling) and yeah I believed her too. She was/is one scary B. Muuuah!

    3. You are not being entirely truthful here. You (as Shasta and before Yar) told me when I was kidnapped by Yasmin that you wished she would kidnap you. 😛 Admit it. You created Yar to start over with Yasmin!

  2. yartelling on

    Hun i told you allot back then. I most likely did say that. I the hopes she would to drive her nuts.And she did not know why i was there…… did she?? And ummm I know how she got my keys love i didnt post it becouse. Well Blushes errmmmm… Well ill just say THANKS for clearing that up…Ghaaaaaa….

    ( love you hun )

  3. Rayn Halfpint on

    No problem. And yes she DID know why you were there. You wanted to harass, make fun of, or otherwise bug me, but it backfired, eh?

  4. Rayn Halfpint on

    That is what I am here for…to try to keep you honest. No wonder, I had to spend so much time in SL.

    Love you too, Hun!

  5. yartelling on

    Wow thats strange to hear. Now days she would TELL me to go harass, make fun of, or otherwise bug you. How times have changed for the best. eh? think I will go wash my hair. with shampoo from a shampoo bottle. I have some of those you know hun. the type you get from Motels. Nods yea before bed ill do that

  6. Rayn Halfpint on

    *Grumbles* Hun, go to bed you aren’t making any sense.

  7. Yasmin Heartsdale on

    *looks around wondering how in the hell she got so much popcorn* I could say that what is really funny is that myself and Fawn saw thru you two the entire way, even Yar’s “legions”…..but I think its more entertaining to leave you both guessing. And yes, I love you both. : )

  8. raynhalfpint on

    Huh? Now GM isn’t making any sense either.

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