Why Am I here ?

( I posted this part that was suppose to be one long part in two parts The next part will be up tonight sometime.. Do to the fact I think it deserves its own part. And because I want to 😛 )


The 1st few Day’s in that cage I am nothing more then pissed. Not really wanting to be there so I log on and off pretty fast. Not spending more then one or two hours there at a time. I think it was on the 3rd day when I finally really saw Yasmin again. She had instructed Sam to take charge of me since from her words we were on the same time zones. And again Yasmin was off to-do her stuff.

Now you would think that with Sam in charge that I would have gotten close to her. I can honestly say the only real benefit I got from Sam during that time was her releasing and allowing me to IM people. Not that I had anyone to IM nor did I want to admit I was in this place. But basically Sam was A snot and I think a little upset I was even there. As soon as my Ims were released I received a IM from a Lady Shibari. Who at that point in time was Goddess wife. I had also received a IM from Rayn who yes was still there locked to a leash post in the yard. Basically her Im at that time was nothing more then a tease to tease me I was there. The next 3 or 4 days I spend all the time I can in Ims with Lady Shibari and Rayn. Yes I did say Rayn. As Shibari was trying to make me feel better and telling me allot about herself. Rayn was……..Well Rayn was been a brat a very big brat. Most of are conversation was arguments. I recall one day it was me and her there. Rayn was still leashed to the Post and I was still in that dam cage. And silly bratty Rayn clicks on the door of the cage. Not only did she open the cage but she was not in mouse lock as I was. Grrrr. . Shockingly we both freaked out over it worried we both were dead (Rolls eyes nothing was even said lol ) At this time we were both in Ims not only worried about it but laughing about it. ( personally I think she meant to open it just to get locked up tighter) I also think it was this that truly started are friendship.

So there I was fully isolated except for Ims. And the only people I am in Ims with is Lady Shibari and Rayn I am hardly seen Yasmin. And Sam well lets just say that wasn’t the cage that smelt bad. To top it off that place was a mad house. I mean people in and out at all times. If I had not knowing better I would have thought it was the Stonehaven Drug house. And they had the good stuff

Two weeks into this and still in that cage. I log on and am shocked no one is at the house. Well except for Sam who was hogtied outside and blindfolded. I start talking over the gag as if I am talking to Yasmin . Sam is freaking out thinking Yasmin is ignoring her and I am laughing my ass off. Sam finally logs off and I can breath freely the smell gone.

I sigh as I see Sam log off. There I am 2 weeks into this and still caged. Me and Rayn have got closer as me and lady Shibari had. But basically I was not enjoying this and to top it off I had figured out Yasmin game. Her game was simple and to the point why it took me this long to figure it out was anyone’s guess. Her game was to keep me there until I one asked for release. I was not going to give her that pleasure. Or two wait until I cheated out. Well I was about to cheat out but not let her have that pleasure so fast. I click on all my cuffs and do my reset trick I knew to reset them in RLV with out notifying the owner of the keys. ( no I wont tell you how to-do it. Don’t work now anyway ) I tp out of the cage thinking I had escaped undetected. Not knowing that the cage says when someone cheats out ( dam scripter ) I log off head over to SL web site and ( yes now) made a Alt. I log on as Yar again and transfer all my stuff to the new alt. log off and leave Yar thinking Yar is now dead. As far as I am concern its PAY BACK TIME.

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  1. raynhalfpint on

    1) “Rolls eyes nothing was even said lol ”
    LIAR!!! Nothing happened to YOU, but I literally got beat for touching your cage..TWICE…once by Yasmin and once by Mistress Fawn.

    2) “Yar is now dead”
    I shudder at those words. I don’t know what I would have done if you had not come back on as Yar ever again. 😦

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