A true Trial A change of heart

Now I knew this 2nd trial was going to be a long one. It has been a week since that day as Shax a week with in this cage. All my other accounts closed. I spend most of my log on time in Ims with a few people here and there. Most of them with Rayn and lady Shibari. Rayn was always been a smart ass and a brat . Yet are conversation had went from rudeness to each others to been brats together we were actually having fun, Lady Shibari spent most her time talking about herself and about Yasmin. I think she was trying to make me like Yasmin. Sadly looking back I just was not listening to her.

A week and a half still caged and still not wanting to be there. I was there to prove something to myself and to prove something to Yasmin. To prove to myself I could do it and to prove to Yasmin I could. And that I do give others a chance but nothing ever changed.. I could go on and on about my talks with Lady Shibari or with Rayn. Because that’s basically all there was. I mean what else can you do in a cage? But I wont for those conversation between us were private and something that is held between us.

Its been 2 weeks maybe more since I have been caged and frankly was about at my breaking point. I log on and no one is online or around. I sat there for about 30 minutes then log off. I had come to my breaking point. I log off and head to the SL web sight. And make yea make a alt. I log on as Midnight Feld. Yet for some reason I cant take those 1st few steps 5 minutes later I log off and log back on as Yar. I had made a huge mistake and was kicking myself for it. Not only had I just proved I couldn’t but. Sighs lets just say when you do something with out thinking sometimes the regret is worse then if you had not done it at all.

I sat there in the cage for about 45 minutes. People were online but no one was at the house. Slowly they started to arrive. As I recall it was Fawn Pet Tey Sam Shibari and Yasmin who had showed up at the house. Shockingly they all ended up in the same room I was caged in. I recall they were talking about going dancing. Now this may not sound important but what happens next Really is what made me see Yasmin in a Different light. I don’t think I even told her that this is what changed me. As I was saying they were talking about going Dancing Shibari said she would go up ahead and look for a place to dance

Have you ever had a moment in time where everything seems to move in slow-motion? Maybe it was fate maybe it was lag. Personally I think it was fate. But I recall every inch ever move every second of that time. As Yasmin turned to her Family and said the words that would turn me to give her a chance. Her words again simple../ Yasmin :: no.. we go as a family.\ At that moment and from there on I was in that cage not to prove something to anyone. But was there because I wanted to be. And I was finally starting to listing to Yasmin. I finally realized what I wanted in my SL.

It was another week a week and a half with in that cage after that day. 4 weeks total. The day had come where Yasmin showed up to open the cage. As the cage open a feeling of sadness came over me as I did not wish it to end. Her 1st words as I stepped out of that cage. Did and has changed my life forever. Not just within SL but within RL as well. In away that could never be repaid

Yasmin: Welcome home Yar
Yasmin: Now go get your collar.. Brat
Yar: Yes Goddess.

I had finally learned why people called her Goddess. And the joy that comes from the reward of calling her that

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  1. raynhalfpint on

    Awww, Hun, you are going to make me cry. I am so thankful that Goddess helped change you. But you must realize no one can change you but you. You had to want to change. I am glad you did! I love you!

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