Change of Blog

I have changed my blog for a few reasons

1, It looks better

2. I wanted the story in one strait story no breaks . (except this one )

3. Becouse i have allot more to say on the story part and wish to get into other stuff as well

4. Becouse its my blog and I want to

All my ramblings such as my Rezz day and about the people I love in Sl are now on my Page part of the blog. I have added all comments that were posted before and kept them in there origanl form. Please check the pages often for additions

Thanks Yar Telling

9 comments so far

  1. Rayn Halfpint on

    Hun, I miss you. Please IM or email me soon!

  2. Yar Telling on

    hunnnyyy lol sorry love you

  3. Rayn Halfpint on

    No need to apologize. As you stated to me RL comes first!

  4. Tania on

    Hey! is it some kind of long term break or what? If you don’t blog more often, I’ll keep this place alive with stories involving you. By the way, do you still like my shoes that much?

  5. Yar Telling on


  6. Tania on


  7. Tania on

    It happened when Yar was still living at California, a few days before she left actually. I joined her in her skybox, and she showed a surprising interest for my high heels… (to be continued)

  8. Yar Telling on

    Will you STOP.. I am working on is..sheesh.. and never had a skybox in Calf

  9. Tania on

    Never, really? I’ll publish some pictures I took there. *kiss*

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