Now after I got my collar witch btw I had choose the posture collar. Not because I am into posture collars but because it was the one that would show Goddess name the best.. At this point in time I was named Goddess’s Concubine. Now as strange as it was I felt that name sort of fit and I was proud to have it. Now as I was saying I was proud to have the collar and spent allot of the time just wanting to show it off.

Life was good I spent allot of my time the 1st few weeks trying to get to know some of my sisters better and allot of time trying to get close to Rayn who was keeping her distance from me now that I was free. Sadly though it wasn’t working out how I wanted. Fawn was hardly ever around when I was. Tey not knowing what I know now I figured just didn’t like me. Because she hardly talked to me except when she had to. Sam…Eh..I wont even get into that issue. Diapered Pet ..well for some reason I never saw her allot. Lady Shibari was nice but she was slowly starting to grow distant. Not distant from me really but from the family at least that’s how I felt. So I in reality gave up trying hard to get close to them.

Now spending most of my days wondering and been pretty much alone didn’t bug me a hell of allot. I was spending allot of time at Stonehaven. Once in awhile I would IM a sister to see what they where up to. Most of the time I got the same response that they were with Goddess. This was really what was starting to bug me because at the time I felt I was never with Goddess myself. I was even slowly starting to get bugged by the amount of freedom I had. I felt I had more now then when I did when I wasn’t collard  I finally realized something had to change and fast or I was going to loose it.

Now my idea was simple. I was going to learn to script as some of my other sisters could. I spent a few days just sitting around studying SL scripting and making my head spin. I just couldn’t seem to get the hang of it or clearly understand it enough to-do a hell of allot with. I fast gave up  on the scripting lessons. I decided to build hell it looked easy enough So I headed out to build. I place the stander SL block on the ground AND. Stare at it What the hell was I going to  build that would even come close to impressing her. And hell even when it was built I couldn’t script it to-do anything. But I wasn’t giving up I spent a few days trying to build a skybox. Half way though I realized it look more like a junkyard then anything.. I closed the building box and gave it up deleting the junkyard skybox. I had gave up trying to figure out what to-do to impress Goddess and my depression over it was kicking my ass.

I was in the family and there but I really felt I wasn’t. Sitting at SH one night Goddess showed up now unknowing to her I watched her to maybe get some idea of what would impress her. She was doing her normal hunting routing. I head on home and sulk. Witch didn’t last long to my shock Sam showed up and decided to be a pain an think it would make me feel better to cage me for awhile. And cage me she did now frankly I didn’t care it just meant some alone time for me. Sitting there in the cage thinking and looking around just out of boredom. I ended up clicking on something that sat me out of the cage. I get a IM almost right away from Goddess. Asking me what the escape message was. Well it wasn’t the attention I was looking for but it had worked. I told her I was sorry and that I had sat out. Thinking I was at least in trouble with her I was shocked at her next few words. Her words that she didn’t care that I had cheated out. So I sigh and cheat my way back into the cage and log for the night. The next day I log on and spent most of the day waiting for Sam to release me. Witch she never did frankly I think she just forgot. That night  I saw Goddess and the rest on the other side of the sim. I zoomed in on them and watched. Goddess was only there for a few minutes  Giving everyone a hug and basically saying goodnight to everyone. She logged off with out even saying anything to me. I imed a sister and asked if Goddess had crashed she said no she had just logged for the night and was only there to say goodnight to everyone. Now I admit now that back then it bugged me and hurt allot to be within radar range and not even get a goodbye when she was there to day goodnight to the family hurt .

I logged off and back on with SLV at my home location Screw the cage Goddess didn’t seem to be bugged ether way. Sam had logged off anyway and didn’t say a word to me ether. something had to be done I was not going to leave my collar but something had to change or I was going to  blow. So I send a few Ims out to a few friends asking them for advice. Almost everyone of them said the same. Goddess was a huntress and that’s what impressed her. At that point I realized that’s what I would have to-do. Become a huntress at least as half as good as her. I was going to-do it if it killed me. I logged off with a new idea in my head. And feeling pretty good this was something I was sure I could do. Life was about to take a new twist.

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  1. Rayn Halfpint on

    Hun I am not mad at you have had internet problems, BB problems and have been busy RL. Grrr stop saying that I am mad at you.

  2. Tania on


  3. Rayn Halfpint on

    *Falls asleep waiting on Yar*

  4. Tania on

    *wonders if Rayn would be intzerested in amazing pictures of Yar*

  5. Tania on

    or even interested

  6. Rayn Halfpint on


  7. Rayn Halfpint on

    Lazy Bum, update your blog!

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