I have thought about how I was going to-do this part for awhile I think the best way is to split it into different parts, Some may not be happy about these post some may be happy about it. Eh at this point I feel the truth in all matters is best to talk about. The 1st part I am not going to get into extreme details about simply due to the fact it not extremely important. But I will say enough to explain life at that time.

Now back to are story.

Life as I said was about to take a new twist. As my mind raced I realized that this time I really had a reason to-do what I was about to-do. I sit down to log onto my computer yet I don’t log onto SL as Yar but as Midnight Field. The Avi I had made to cheat on my trial. I log on with her and realize I am still at noob island as I didn’t get to far with her the last time. This I feel will be taking allot of work as my idea is to learn to be a huntress as Goddess was.

For the 1st few days I spend it getting  Midnight set up slowly. New skin new…..Well you have heard all this before. The point is I get Midnight looking pretty good. I spend about a week or so hunting down some girls and collaring them. This was way to easy before I knew it I had 4 subs. Luckily for me I had told them I spent allot of time alone. And luckily they were not looking for a very head strong owner. Frankly I think they just wanted to be able to say they were owned.

Life was getting busy as Midnight was I happy with her life. No not really as I had already spent more time on as her as I wanted to. I was to the point I was ready to give up this lame idea and remove my life as Midnight But 1st I wanted to give my Goddess a small thrill.

I head over to Stonehaven where I swore I would never go as Midnight. And start setting up some traps. Now these traps were meant for Goddess but been lazy I just set them fro random and left Stonehaven. As I didn’t really wish to be there.  After the traps are set I head back to Midnights home at the time.

About the time I arrived home I get a message that someone named Shuggi was caught in my cage. Yawns I really didn’t wish to go release them. I take a glance at there profile. And got interested I head back over to Stonehaven to check her out. Could this be the hunt I was looking for the true challenge? This Shuggi person was just… well different after spending some time watching her I would say 2 days I realized we had nothing in coming ( ohm BOY way I wrong )  I was going to find out that me and Shuggi had ALLOT in coming. I new from the time I saw Shuggi in that cage trap at Stonehave and his bald head there was something  different about her. And I was about to find out in a short time what made us so much alike.

( I am going to leave you here with a little bit of a cliff hanger I have already wrote the next part . But think I will give it a few hours before I post it I will post it tonight please leave your comments . Or your thoughts about where YOU think this is headed thanks. )

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  1. Rayn Halfpint on

    *raises her hand* OHhhh I know …I know….Oh OH Pick me! PICK ME!

  2. Rayn Halfpint on

    Hun you really were an alt-slut. You know that right?

  3. Rayn Halfpint on

    I miss you Babe!

  4. Tania on

    “But think I will give it a few hours before I post it I will post it tonight please leave your comments”

    “Posted May 19, 2009”

    • Rayn Halfpint on

      She is a bit sloooooow isn’t she?

      • Tania on

        Yeah, just a bit…

  5. Rayn Halfpint on


  6. Tania on

    *steals Rayn’s pillow*

  7. Rayn Halfpint on

    HEY, I was using that!!! Oh well you can have it. I will get a new, dry one. That one has drool all over it.

    • Tania on

      *opens an eye, looks at the pillow, shrugs, an dozes off again, wondering if Yar will ever post the rest of the story*

  8. Rayn Halfpint on

    *pulls the pillow from Tania’s head and starts beating her with it*

  9. Tania on

    *groans, mutters, and finally gets up, wraps her arm around Rayn’s neck, choking her, force her to lie, and lies on her, her head still trapped under her arm*

  10. Rayn Halfpint on

    *mumbles under the weight* “Help! I can’t breathe!!! What have you been eating, thunder-thighs?”

  11. Rayn Halfpint on

    *Gasps for a breath and yells, “YAR HELP!!!!!!!!”

  12. Yar Telling on

    looks up.Yawns. and puts her headphones back on . and goes back to playing the sims. mumbling….. get a room you 2

  13. Yar Telling on

    pulls the headphones off for a moment….Plus last time I helped you hunny I got the craps. Might want to watch those Tania she likes to share them

  14. Rayn Halfpint on

    Hun you really need to learn how to spell…how could I give you the “craps?”

  15. Tania on

    [2009/06/01 6:37] Yar Telling: TANIA
    [2009/06/01 6:37] Yar Telling: Why are you doing this ???
    [2009/06/01 6:38] Tania Owatatsumi: I dunno
    [2009/06/01 6:38] Tania Owatatsumi: I feel like it?
    [2009/06/01 6:38] Yar Telling: I am beging you
    [2009/06/01 6:38] Tania Owatatsumi: I know you are.
    [2009/06/01 6:39] Yar Telling: I don’t know what you want please take whatever i don’t care ok
    [2009/06/01 6:39] Tania Owatatsumi: I don’t know if you have anything I want baby…
    [2009/06/01 6:41] Yar Telling: Tania..I cant safeword..and wont but im really begging you please end this please..You know i dont like this..I can not STAND upsetting Goddess please…

  16. Tania on

    so cute…

  17. Tania on

    to be continued…

  18. Rayn Halfpint on


  19. Tania on

    Come on Yar, explain this to your wife. *evil grin*

  20. Rayn Halfpint on

    “Lucy, you got some ‘splainin’ to do!”

  21. Tania on

    *lays Rayn in her lap and starts spanking her, as time goes slow when nothing happens*

  22. Yasmin Heartsdale on

    Seriously Rayn, you never talked this much when you were in Second Life. ; P

    • Rayn Halfpint on

      That is because I felt like I was boring everyone.

  23. Yar Telling on

    Ok Ok..Ill get it up in 24 hours from now. or or.. something and something 😛 no really Ill post it tonight. just. Wanted to be. ermmm Sure how I did this but. The truth shall set you free. And piss some people off lol. love you all

  24. Rayn Halfpint on

    Oh my word!!!! Hun, would you update your blog already? If you don’t, I may have to strangle someone!!! *coughs* “Tania” *cough*

  25. Tania on

    *shoves the pillow into Rayn’s mouth and whistles innocently, pondering on what else to shove into her*

  26. Rayn Halfpint on

    *mumbles* what did I ever do to youuuuuuuu…….

  27. Tania on

    Nothing yet,sweetie… *takes the flogger that was near the bed and thrusts it’s handle deep in Rayn’s butt “Ponygirl!” she says, smiling broadly “Let’s see if we can find you some blinders”*

  28. Rayn Halfpint on


  29. Rayn Halfpint on

    Yaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrr!!!!! Get this beast off of me!!!

  30. Tania on

    *unbuckles her belt and uses it to tie the pillow around Rayn’s head* There, blinders AND gag.

  31. Rayn Halfpint on

    *mutters inaudible ramblings under the pillow* “FrickinfrackenslutTania!!!” Briefly freeing herself from the pillow, she yells…”YAR!!!!”

  32. Tania on

    *looks at Rayn’s butt, and gasps, as the flogger fully disappeared in her. “Wow, ok, you have a big butt, but that’s still a record Rayn!” she says, half amused, half scared by the sluts hungry bum*

  33. Rayn Halfpint on

    *Gasps muttering loudly as she struggles to free herself* GRRRRRRRRRRRRR”

  34. Tania on

    Yar, hand me that bottle of coke please.

  35. Rayn Halfpint on


  36. Tania on


  37. Rayn Halfpint on

    Why coke?

  38. Tania on

    *doesn’t answer, and thrusts it in Rayn’s rear, abit worried that it could swallow her arm along with the bottle and the flogger*

  39. Rayn Halfpint on

    Eeeeeeeeeep! YAR!!!!!!!

  40. Tania on

    Yes, come on Yar, grab your bowling ball and join us. *smacks Rayn’s ass*

  41. Tania on

    As Yar doesn’t answer, Tania takes the bowling ball on the floor, amazed by the amount of useful item around that bed, and uses it to knock Rayn out. When the legendary slut wakes up, she finds herself hogtied, gagged, two shinny boots of leather just before her eyes, and faster than you can say shallow grave, a heel slips across her ring gag, painfully rubbing her tongue.

    -So, little one, when you’ll be ready to aknowledge you’re a slut, blink your eyes twice.

  42. Yar Telling on

    Yawns and gos back to sleep….keeping one eye open to watch the show.

  43. Tania on

    *blows a kiss to Yar and giggles softly*

  44. Rayn Halfpint on

    *Sighs* YARRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!! Get your cute little bum on MSN PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. Rayn Halfpint on

    Grrrr how come you never talk to me anymore? Whatever I did I am sorry!!!!

  46. Rayn Halfpint on

    Had a family emergency which is why I did not login today for our anniversary. Sighs. Sorry.

  47. Rayn Halfpint on

    I guess this blog is dead!

  48. Rayn Halfpint on

    Hair turns gray waiting for Yar to update her blog!

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