A new Friend.The tick of a bomb

(  I am so sorry for the delay in this blog. To be honest I wasn’t sure how I was going to post it or do it. I can honestly say I have wrote this blog 4 times over. And scrapped them all. .Now I am not one to dodge the truth anymore . I am also not one to hurt friends for my own conventions.  So this left me in a catch 22. To he honest with in the blog for my own conventions and risk hurting someone? Or to avoided it by dodging out of it? Or to lie about it?. With these options  in hand I decided tonight what way Togo with it. To what im sure will be a small disappointment to those who do read this blog I have decided on none of those options. But have instead decided to Leave the choice to the person the choice should be left to. So with this confusing part added here is the blog I know a few people have been waiting for. And to Shuggi I will say remember the line. The truth shall set you free!! )

So over the next few days me and shuggi shared allot about are Rls and are SL life’s. To the point of admitting truths to each others no one else knew. These truth though closed for one of us. Had brought me closer to shuggi then I knew.

At this point in time my time on as Yar had cut back and to be honest I was not happy about it. I was now starting to use Midnight as away to avoid issues. And unknowing to me there was about to be a big one hit. I log on as Yar and spend the day with a few friends. When all of a sudden im swamped with blocked Ims from Goddess. I am asking her if she is ok and all im getting is blocked Ims. So I contact Sam and ask her what the hell is going on.. Her response I don’t recall the words but it basically had said Goddess was in trouble. And that we needed a family meeting. Well the family meeting turned out to be Sam telling us she was in charge and not allot about Goddess. All we were told was that Goddess was in huge drama and that she needed help. Now this was about to become a time when the truth would have worked better then a lie. Everyone heads off  to-do what they could to find out who took Goddess.

Now I know what your thinking its SL there is no such thin as real trouble .Well if you know Goddess you know that cheating is NOT the way she plays.  I log off with a idea a idea to use Midnight to find out where she is then use Yar to rescue her. My plan was full proof. The only thing I did not conceder was the drama that was about to come.

I log on and talk with shuggi for awhile and discuss a plan to find her starting with checking all the normal sims we knew she went to. Well considering I was not as close to Goddess as I wanted to be at that time that list was SHORT. It consisted of PSI realm and Stonehaven and the island we had at the time. Not finding anything out I log off for the night. The next day I log on as Yar and all drama had busted out.

The drama was heavy but would soon get worse. Are family was now accusing Idorus of taking Goddess and neither side playing fair. To the point of copying private conversations. Witch ended up with me and a good friend parting ways for awhile but that’s another story. After 2 days of fighting and Sam pissing everyone off we had had it and started sending note cards to Goddess. Me myself I was on allot as Midnight unsure of what was going on and happening. I will admit all the time Shuggi was next to me. And with her words she was frankly trying to toss me on the right track. Sadly it wasn’t working.

Now to make a long story short everyone had pissed off everyone I had Tey pissed off. And sadly for along time after that. Luckily are friendship has not took a full turn  ( love you sis)  I was on most of the time as Midnight and we had found out Goddess wasn’t kidnapped but just spending time with her old friend. That she had to cut short do to all are fighting.. And was been very stupern to the point of not talking to anyone. Ill go into more details about this in the next post.

Needless to say life was not going well as Yar or as midnight.. In the next post ill go into more details of the life of Midnight involving this and some of her life outside of this.. Also Ill dive into more on how Yar is behaving.

( the next post will be up in 2 days my word )

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  1. Rayn Halfpint on

    LOL. I remember that. I got reamed for “disrespecting Sam.” All I can say now is “I told you so.”

  2. Rayn Halfpint on

    2 days or 2 weeks?

  3. Teyonas on

    May 19, 2009

    ( I am going to leave you here with a little bit of a cliff hanger I have already wrote the next part . But think I will give it a few hours before I post it I will post it tonight please leave your comments . Or your thoughts about where YOU think this is headed thanks. )

    Next post: August 24, 2009

    ( the next post will be up in 2 days my word )

    Grain of salt, Rayn. ;P

    (Love you, Sis. 😉

  4. Teyonas on

    Yar said she’d post within a “few hours.” We’ll be generous and call that five hours. It took her 92 of our days. 92 days is 2,208 hours. From this we can determine that there are 441.6 hours in a “Yar-hour.”

    So, if it’s going to take her 2 Yar-days to post the next one, we know that it will take 883 of our days (2 years, 28 weeks, 5 days). Thus, the next post will be on approximately Feburary 12, 2012.

    • Rayn Halfpint on

      Stop! You are mkaing my head hurt. I hate math!

  5. Teyonas on

    I messed it up, anyway…

    She took 97 days = 2328 hours. Means 2 days is 931 days, and that is 2 years, 28 weeks, 5 days, so the date is right. I found the answer first then came back and explained it and started with the wrong number of days. 😛

    Anyway, the math’s not important. Just remember to check in around Feb 2012. 😉

  6. Teyonas on


    I.O.U.: 1 wife

  7. Rayn Halfpint on

    Love you and miss you Babe!

  8. raynhalfpint on

    Update your blog woman! You could write about how you love to torture your poor, sweet, innocent wife….

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