Rezz Day.

It has been a year in SL . And what a year it has been, They say time stalks us like death in the night. Time is not death time does not stalk. No Time joins us for the ride and helps hold are memory’s. I could go over each part of my year in the post but think the rest of my blogs that are here and are to come will do that. So instead Ill share the day of my rezz day with you.

At 1st I thought Eh. Is just another day. But when the people around you make it Awesome is when it means something

My Rezz day was on Sunday but the adventure started Saturday night 11:30 pm to be exact. Was standing on the patio getting Ims from people wishing me a happy rez day. Then Goddess issued hers. The simple command to strip was giving. Now for those who know me and my errrm like of public unforced nudity know how this effected me. A lock of the cuffs and a blocking of everything came next. Now what was expecting was some time locked up. To be honest didn’t expect allot.

Goddess tps away and tps me to her. A strange skybox that had never went to before or seen. After been tricked that it would last a week was caged. Now I trust Goddess but a week razz day gift? Had small ifs of that. The 1st night not allot went on mean not allot can in a cage. Allot of Ims were still coming. Of course gagged was not answering them. Sometimes that’s good was quite peaceful not to have to yack all night. Lucky I have some awesome sisters and a good friend Dz who kept me company that night. With a visit or 2 from some friends.

Goddess kept saying she was headed out to set some stuff up for the next day. Now knowing Goddess I was start to get a little worried. Goddess logs and I spend as most of the rest of the night talking to tey. Log off and hit the sack ( as Goddess said winks )

Log on next day about 5pm and send Goddess a blocked IM.. She says she will be around soon. She shows up about 615 pm. With Jill right behind her. She leaves the room and starts tping others in .. ghaaa I have no clue who anyone is except for Kira and Jill. One other female the last she tps in seems strange. She is also the one that Goddess says wants me for some time for Kidnapping her wife. That could be allot of people one name pops in my head Chris Mosses girl. And this new chick is taking charge. After a few smacks my ass is now hurting. And she has moved her hand into my now dripping yes dripping pussy.

Everything stops for a moment and Goddess offers me my razz day gift. I blink and think to myself. WHAT?? I thought this was it there more???  Goddess unblocks names. And I almost… no to be honest I do. For it is someone very very close to me. With in about 15 minutes the room is empty except for me and this person we spend the next couple hours alone just cuddling and talking. I still have a few tears in my eyes from this. I could share are conversation but that’s very private between me and this person

Ohhh as me and this person were cuddling Dz did show up but a fast lock of her straps and a fast move into the cage delt with her.

As I said time don’t stalk you nor is it death. it’s a partner on a ride through life a memory. And I would not wish this memory erased for nothing.

I will also admit I have the best dam Goddess and family in SL

And to that person I was with tonight ( LOVE YOU BUNCHES )

8 comments so far

  1. Rayn Halfpint on

    Awwww. That person must have been really special to you. Who was it? I am jealous.

  2. Corvan Nansen on

    I think I might know, but I’ll never tell…

  3. Corvan Nansen on

    Sorry I missed that it was you Rez day, so happy belated!

  4. Yar Telling on

    Thanks Corvan

  5. Rayn Halfpint on

    Hey Hun did you ever get rid of your crabs?

  6. Yar Telling on

    Nods.. yea .. thanks for giving me them next time dont be so willing to share… who gave you them anyway?

  7. Rayn Halfpint on

    OMG am shutting up. That is so wrong!

  8. yartelling on


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