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A new Friend.The tick of a bomb

(  I am so sorry for the delay in this blog. To be honest I wasn’t sure how I was going to post it or do it. I can honestly say I have wrote this blog 4 times over. And scrapped them all. .Now I am not one to dodge the truth anymore . I am also not one to hurt friends for my own conventions.  So this left me in a catch 22. To he honest with in the blog for my own conventions and risk hurting someone? Or to avoided it by dodging out of it? Or to lie about it?. With these options  in hand I decided tonight what way Togo with it. To what im sure will be a small disappointment to those who do read this blog I have decided on none of those options. But have instead decided to Leave the choice to the person the choice should be left to. So with this confusing part added here is the blog I know a few people have been waiting for. And to Shuggi I will say remember the line. The truth shall set you free!! )

So over the next few days me and shuggi shared allot about are Rls and are SL life’s. To the point of admitting truths to each others no one else knew. These truth though closed for one of us. Had brought me closer to shuggi then I knew.

At this point in time my time on as Yar had cut back and to be honest I was not happy about it. I was now starting to use Midnight as away to avoid issues. And unknowing to me there was about to be a big one hit. I log on as Yar and spend the day with a few friends. When all of a sudden im swamped with blocked Ims from Goddess. I am asking her if she is ok and all im getting is blocked Ims. So I contact Sam and ask her what the hell is going on.. Her response I don’t recall the words but it basically had said Goddess was in trouble. And that we needed a family meeting. Well the family meeting turned out to be Sam telling us she was in charge and not allot about Goddess. All we were told was that Goddess was in huge drama and that she needed help. Now this was about to become a time when the truth would have worked better then a lie. Everyone heads off  to-do what they could to find out who took Goddess.

Now I know what your thinking its SL there is no such thin as real trouble .Well if you know Goddess you know that cheating is NOT the way she plays.  I log off with a idea a idea to use Midnight to find out where she is then use Yar to rescue her. My plan was full proof. The only thing I did not conceder was the drama that was about to come.

I log on and talk with shuggi for awhile and discuss a plan to find her starting with checking all the normal sims we knew she went to. Well considering I was not as close to Goddess as I wanted to be at that time that list was SHORT. It consisted of PSI realm and Stonehaven and the island we had at the time. Not finding anything out I log off for the night. The next day I log on as Yar and all drama had busted out.

The drama was heavy but would soon get worse. Are family was now accusing Idorus of taking Goddess and neither side playing fair. To the point of copying private conversations. Witch ended up with me and a good friend parting ways for awhile but that’s another story. After 2 days of fighting and Sam pissing everyone off we had had it and started sending note cards to Goddess. Me myself I was on allot as Midnight unsure of what was going on and happening. I will admit all the time Shuggi was next to me. And with her words she was frankly trying to toss me on the right track. Sadly it wasn’t working.

Now to make a long story short everyone had pissed off everyone I had Tey pissed off. And sadly for along time after that. Luckily are friendship has not took a full turn  ( love you sis)  I was on most of the time as Midnight and we had found out Goddess wasn’t kidnapped but just spending time with her old friend. That she had to cut short do to all are fighting.. And was been very stupern to the point of not talking to anyone. Ill go into more details about this in the next post.

Needless to say life was not going well as Yar or as midnight.. In the next post ill go into more details of the life of Midnight involving this and some of her life outside of this.. Also Ill dive into more on how Yar is behaving.

( the next post will be up in 2 days my word )


I have thought about how I was going to-do this part for awhile I think the best way is to split it into different parts, Some may not be happy about these post some may be happy about it. Eh at this point I feel the truth in all matters is best to talk about. The 1st part I am not going to get into extreme details about simply due to the fact it not extremely important. But I will say enough to explain life at that time.

Now back to are story.

Life as I said was about to take a new twist. As my mind raced I realized that this time I really had a reason to-do what I was about to-do. I sit down to log onto my computer yet I don’t log onto SL as Yar but as Midnight Field. The Avi I had made to cheat on my trial. I log on with her and realize I am still at noob island as I didn’t get to far with her the last time. This I feel will be taking allot of work as my idea is to learn to be a huntress as Goddess was.

For the 1st few days I spend it getting  Midnight set up slowly. New skin new…..Well you have heard all this before. The point is I get Midnight looking pretty good. I spend about a week or so hunting down some girls and collaring them. This was way to easy before I knew it I had 4 subs. Luckily for me I had told them I spent allot of time alone. And luckily they were not looking for a very head strong owner. Frankly I think they just wanted to be able to say they were owned.

Life was getting busy as Midnight was I happy with her life. No not really as I had already spent more time on as her as I wanted to. I was to the point I was ready to give up this lame idea and remove my life as Midnight But 1st I wanted to give my Goddess a small thrill.

I head over to Stonehaven where I swore I would never go as Midnight. And start setting up some traps. Now these traps were meant for Goddess but been lazy I just set them fro random and left Stonehaven. As I didn’t really wish to be there.  After the traps are set I head back to Midnights home at the time.

About the time I arrived home I get a message that someone named Shuggi was caught in my cage. Yawns I really didn’t wish to go release them. I take a glance at there profile. And got interested I head back over to Stonehaven to check her out. Could this be the hunt I was looking for the true challenge? This Shuggi person was just… well different after spending some time watching her I would say 2 days I realized we had nothing in coming ( ohm BOY way I wrong )  I was going to find out that me and Shuggi had ALLOT in coming. I new from the time I saw Shuggi in that cage trap at Stonehave and his bald head there was something  different about her. And I was about to find out in a short time what made us so much alike.

( I am going to leave you here with a little bit of a cliff hanger I have already wrote the next part . But think I will give it a few hours before I post it I will post it tonight please leave your comments . Or your thoughts about where YOU think this is headed thanks. )


Now after I got my collar witch btw I had choose the posture collar. Not because I am into posture collars but because it was the one that would show Goddess name the best.. At this point in time I was named Goddess’s Concubine. Now as strange as it was I felt that name sort of fit and I was proud to have it. Now as I was saying I was proud to have the collar and spent allot of the time just wanting to show it off.

Life was good I spent allot of my time the 1st few weeks trying to get to know some of my sisters better and allot of time trying to get close to Rayn who was keeping her distance from me now that I was free. Sadly though it wasn’t working out how I wanted. Fawn was hardly ever around when I was. Tey not knowing what I know now I figured just didn’t like me. Because she hardly talked to me except when she had to. Sam…Eh..I wont even get into that issue. Diapered Pet ..well for some reason I never saw her allot. Lady Shibari was nice but she was slowly starting to grow distant. Not distant from me really but from the family at least that’s how I felt. So I in reality gave up trying hard to get close to them.

Now spending most of my days wondering and been pretty much alone didn’t bug me a hell of allot. I was spending allot of time at Stonehaven. Once in awhile I would IM a sister to see what they where up to. Most of the time I got the same response that they were with Goddess. This was really what was starting to bug me because at the time I felt I was never with Goddess myself. I was even slowly starting to get bugged by the amount of freedom I had. I felt I had more now then when I did when I wasn’t collard  I finally realized something had to change and fast or I was going to loose it.

Now my idea was simple. I was going to learn to script as some of my other sisters could. I spent a few days just sitting around studying SL scripting and making my head spin. I just couldn’t seem to get the hang of it or clearly understand it enough to-do a hell of allot with. I fast gave up  on the scripting lessons. I decided to build hell it looked easy enough So I headed out to build. I place the stander SL block on the ground AND. Stare at it What the hell was I going to  build that would even come close to impressing her. And hell even when it was built I couldn’t script it to-do anything. But I wasn’t giving up I spent a few days trying to build a skybox. Half way though I realized it look more like a junkyard then anything.. I closed the building box and gave it up deleting the junkyard skybox. I had gave up trying to figure out what to-do to impress Goddess and my depression over it was kicking my ass.

I was in the family and there but I really felt I wasn’t. Sitting at SH one night Goddess showed up now unknowing to her I watched her to maybe get some idea of what would impress her. She was doing her normal hunting routing. I head on home and sulk. Witch didn’t last long to my shock Sam showed up and decided to be a pain an think it would make me feel better to cage me for awhile. And cage me she did now frankly I didn’t care it just meant some alone time for me. Sitting there in the cage thinking and looking around just out of boredom. I ended up clicking on something that sat me out of the cage. I get a IM almost right away from Goddess. Asking me what the escape message was. Well it wasn’t the attention I was looking for but it had worked. I told her I was sorry and that I had sat out. Thinking I was at least in trouble with her I was shocked at her next few words. Her words that she didn’t care that I had cheated out. So I sigh and cheat my way back into the cage and log for the night. The next day I log on and spent most of the day waiting for Sam to release me. Witch she never did frankly I think she just forgot. That night  I saw Goddess and the rest on the other side of the sim. I zoomed in on them and watched. Goddess was only there for a few minutes  Giving everyone a hug and basically saying goodnight to everyone. She logged off with out even saying anything to me. I imed a sister and asked if Goddess had crashed she said no she had just logged for the night and was only there to say goodnight to everyone. Now I admit now that back then it bugged me and hurt allot to be within radar range and not even get a goodbye when she was there to day goodnight to the family hurt .

I logged off and back on with SLV at my home location Screw the cage Goddess didn’t seem to be bugged ether way. Sam had logged off anyway and didn’t say a word to me ether. something had to be done I was not going to leave my collar but something had to change or I was going to  blow. So I send a few Ims out to a few friends asking them for advice. Almost everyone of them said the same. Goddess was a huntress and that’s what impressed her. At that point I realized that’s what I would have to-do. Become a huntress at least as half as good as her. I was going to-do it if it killed me. I logged off with a new idea in my head. And feeling pretty good this was something I was sure I could do. Life was about to take a new twist.

Change of Blog

I have changed my blog for a few reasons

1, It looks better

2. I wanted the story in one strait story no breaks . (except this one )

3. Becouse i have allot more to say on the story part and wish to get into other stuff as well

4. Becouse its my blog and I want to

All my ramblings such as my Rezz day and about the people I love in Sl are now on my Page part of the blog. I have added all comments that were posted before and kept them in there origanl form. Please check the pages often for additions

Thanks Yar Telling

A true Trial A change of heart

Now I knew this 2nd trial was going to be a long one. It has been a week since that day as Shax a week with in this cage. All my other accounts closed. I spend most of my log on time in Ims with a few people here and there. Most of them with Rayn and lady Shibari. Rayn was always been a smart ass and a brat . Yet are conversation had went from rudeness to each others to been brats together we were actually having fun, Lady Shibari spent most her time talking about herself and about Yasmin. I think she was trying to make me like Yasmin. Sadly looking back I just was not listening to her.

A week and a half still caged and still not wanting to be there. I was there to prove something to myself and to prove something to Yasmin. To prove to myself I could do it and to prove to Yasmin I could. And that I do give others a chance but nothing ever changed.. I could go on and on about my talks with Lady Shibari or with Rayn. Because that’s basically all there was. I mean what else can you do in a cage? But I wont for those conversation between us were private and something that is held between us.

Its been 2 weeks maybe more since I have been caged and frankly was about at my breaking point. I log on and no one is online or around. I sat there for about 30 minutes then log off. I had come to my breaking point. I log off and head to the SL web sight. And make yea make a alt. I log on as Midnight Feld. Yet for some reason I cant take those 1st few steps 5 minutes later I log off and log back on as Yar. I had made a huge mistake and was kicking myself for it. Not only had I just proved I couldn’t but. Sighs lets just say when you do something with out thinking sometimes the regret is worse then if you had not done it at all.

I sat there in the cage for about 45 minutes. People were online but no one was at the house. Slowly they started to arrive. As I recall it was Fawn Pet Tey Sam Shibari and Yasmin who had showed up at the house. Shockingly they all ended up in the same room I was caged in. I recall they were talking about going dancing. Now this may not sound important but what happens next Really is what made me see Yasmin in a Different light. I don’t think I even told her that this is what changed me. As I was saying they were talking about going Dancing Shibari said she would go up ahead and look for a place to dance

Have you ever had a moment in time where everything seems to move in slow-motion? Maybe it was fate maybe it was lag. Personally I think it was fate. But I recall every inch ever move every second of that time. As Yasmin turned to her Family and said the words that would turn me to give her a chance. Her words again simple../ Yasmin :: no.. we go as a family.\ At that moment and from there on I was in that cage not to prove something to anyone. But was there because I wanted to be. And I was finally starting to listing to Yasmin. I finally realized what I wanted in my SL.

It was another week a week and a half with in that cage after that day. 4 weeks total. The day had come where Yasmin showed up to open the cage. As the cage open a feeling of sadness came over me as I did not wish it to end. Her 1st words as I stepped out of that cage. Did and has changed my life forever. Not just within SL but within RL as well. In away that could never be repaid

Yasmin: Welcome home Yar
Yasmin: Now go get your collar.. Brat
Yar: Yes Goddess.

I had finally learned why people called her Goddess. And the joy that comes from the reward of calling her that

Shax lives! A eye opener.

I log on as Shax a fresh new alt. With pay back on my mind. I head over to Stonehaven in hopes to find Lady Shibari not to tell her who I was but to find out the brand of dagger she had on. Now you must understand the daggers were sort of like rings for Lady Shibari and Yasmin at the time. I luck out and find her click on the daggers to learn the name and make of them . A fast search and I am off to get them I find them and slap them on. Even as a noob I am looking good with them. Next the Ao I had heard Yasmin say the name of her Ao to someone. Another fast search and I am off to get it. Next the hair errmmm yea I deiced to get my own style of hair. Next my outfit I know what brand Yasmin was always wearing at that time so I head on out to get it. Almost shit when I saw the price. She must really think she is hot stuff. I buy the outfit and slap it on I also slap on a pair of cool sunglasses I am ready for my revenge.

Before heading to Stonehaven I take a day to get a house set up with a dungeon. Ohh I had plans for Yasmin. I also contact a few of my old friends and let them in on the idea. They agree to become my play subs for this little adventure. I also take the time to pick up a cc cagier Giggles ohh yes I had big plans for her. ( and hell no I wont tell you what my plans were ) Now setting everything up took 2-3 days if I recall right but it had to be done right. With everything set up I head on over to Stonehaven in search of my revenge. My heart is racing my drilling rushing.

A fast search of every inch of the sim found… nothing Yasmin was no place in sight. I log off and don’t make it back on for about 3 days. Looking back I think I was a little scared. I finally log back on and search Stonehaven again and again don’t find Her. I do this for about 3 days log on about every hour search the sim and log off pissed off I cant find her. At this point I am thinking Yasmin is scared Yar was going to take revenge. Now after about a week of searching for her and having no luck at all I was getting pissed. So I decide to change my plans again ( NO NOT A ALT ) I change my plans so if I cant find Yasmin she will certainly know I was there. I was going to be the meanest most nasty domme Stonehaven had ever had.

I start locking and caging people left and right not setting timers or anything just leaving them there. I at one point ran into Sam. And we started talking I at one point had her convinced that I was going to to buy a sim and make a bigger better Stonehaven . She was even looking for a sim for me to buy. The little….@#&%@ .Me and Sam had also got into what I call a domme war . We were trying to prove who was better. I personally just wanted her to submit to me to show Yasmin I was better then she was.

Anyway I was just been mean to everyone there making my mark still not running into the person I wanted to Yasmin. Now staying away from the rest of Yasmin pack was no problem. Mostly because I never saw them except for Sam. At the time I thought Yasmin was just keeping them locked up.

Now I know all this sounds like I am having fun but to be honest no. For one I was not finding Yasmin. For two I at the time figured I had just wrecked the little friendship me and Rayn had built. For three the people around Stonehaven were starting to hate me and I was wondering what the fuck. It seemed I was doing everything I had seen Yasmin do and yet she was liked around there. And my friends who were pretending to be my subs were also slowly getting to the point of not wanting part of it.

So with my sl coming down I decide to move on and head out. I hit the other bdsm sims over the next few days. But it seems I cant get Rayn out of my mind. Yes Rayn had made a hard impact on me from are talks and it was starting to hit me.


So with a heavy heart and depression over all of this hitting me I head over to Stonehaven. This time with nothing on my mind. I sit on the patio not even talking to anyone or anything. Sitting there on the patio I think the 2nd day I see a sub with a Owner they are talking the sub is very excited for some reason. This is pulling at my heart strings. I decided its over the time had come to make a huge change. I was leaving Sl. I stand out of the chair on the patio and fly off. I land on top of the Stonehaven castle.

I stand there on top of the castle staring down the place is busy yet I feel alone. I take the time to think about the adventures I had had there. And the times I wish I had not.. I think about the reasons I had really come to sl. My old friend who left the friends I had with every alt. And the loneliest I felt at that time. I was there for about to hours alone thinking. I take my computer mouse and head for the log off button. With the idea never to return. As I get there I see her out of the corner of my eye Yasmin. For some reason I didn’t hit log off I just stand there looking at her thinking she was about to rip me to shreds. She said nothing at all. I finally send her a IM to get it over with.

( The conversation I am about to show you are not the exact words. The exact words are for me and Yasmin to know but basically this is how it went. And there was no way she could tell who I was I was even using spell check to make dam sure.)

Shax: Hello Yasmin

Yas: Hello Shax

Shax: Am I in your spot?

Yas: No

Shax: Well what do you want?

Yas: Nothing

Shax: Ohh thought you were worried you had some competition

Yas: Mmmmmm no. More worried about you.

Shax: Me?

Yas: Nods. What’s bugging you Hun?

Shax: nothing is bugging me. Maybe I am bugging you.

Yas: No Hun. You are not happy at all. What’s wrong?

Shax: I am happy Yas no worries there

Yas: Mmmm no your not.

Shax: Sighs fine I am not But I am sure you got other things to-do then hear about it and its not important

Yas: I don’t and it is. What’s on your mind? 

( At this point I basically spill my guts not about my alts or that. Because I didn’t wish for her to know who I was, No I told her how I was tired of all the want to be domms and all the fake friends. And how I just couldn’t find what I wanted there. And that basically no one understood me. No I wont share that full conversation here because its not important. But what is important and I think one of the most importing things to hempen to me in sl is the rest of this conversation for it latterly open my eyes. And made me think and really made me feel cared for and that there was someone else who did care. Though at the time they were said it didn’t hit me until later as you will see. Again her words were simple as they always are but the impact she has made on my life with them can not be forgotten..)

Yas: Well have you ever gave anyone a true chance?

Shax: I give everyone a chance

Yas: No.. You don’t

Shax: Lol. I do Yas I do

Yas: You never gave me one

Shax: hu? What are you talking about?

Yas: Ohh I know who you are Hun I have since you arrived

Shax: What are you talking about Yas?

Yas: Go home Yar where you know you belong and give me that chance.

Shax: I don’t know if I can Yas. And how did you know it was me?

Yas: You can Hun. And it don’t matter does it?

Shax: No guess not

Yas: see you in a few Yar 

Poof she was gone out of sight. Leaving me standing there on the castle thinking. I at this point had Two options log off for good as I had planned. Or give someone a chance Someone who from day one I had hated. Could she be right have I not truly gave anyone a chance so far? I thought maybe it was time to give someone a chance and to let go of the hate that for some reason at that point I couldn’t recall why I even had the hate I did. Maybe there never was any true hate maybe it was something else?

Yasmin has logged off I am still standing on the top of the castle. I decided to send Sam a Im. Simply asking her to meet me at Yasmin house in 15 minutes to call off the domme war. She agreed to meet me there. I log off and log on as Yar and head over to Yasmin house. Sam arrives shortly after I could tell she was a little confused. I in short explain to her what had taking place. With in about ten minutes I am re caged rebuffed and back where I had started ( and belonged ) At this point Yasmin shows up at the house and heads towards the cage. She sends me one IM before she logs off simply saying Yas: I knew you could.

I log off as well knowing that’s its going to be alone road this time.

Why Am I here ?

( I posted this part that was suppose to be one long part in two parts The next part will be up tonight sometime.. Do to the fact I think it deserves its own part. And because I want to 😛 )


The 1st few Day’s in that cage I am nothing more then pissed. Not really wanting to be there so I log on and off pretty fast. Not spending more then one or two hours there at a time. I think it was on the 3rd day when I finally really saw Yasmin again. She had instructed Sam to take charge of me since from her words we were on the same time zones. And again Yasmin was off to-do her stuff.

Now you would think that with Sam in charge that I would have gotten close to her. I can honestly say the only real benefit I got from Sam during that time was her releasing and allowing me to IM people. Not that I had anyone to IM nor did I want to admit I was in this place. But basically Sam was A snot and I think a little upset I was even there. As soon as my Ims were released I received a IM from a Lady Shibari. Who at that point in time was Goddess wife. I had also received a IM from Rayn who yes was still there locked to a leash post in the yard. Basically her Im at that time was nothing more then a tease to tease me I was there. The next 3 or 4 days I spend all the time I can in Ims with Lady Shibari and Rayn. Yes I did say Rayn. As Shibari was trying to make me feel better and telling me allot about herself. Rayn was……..Well Rayn was been a brat a very big brat. Most of are conversation was arguments. I recall one day it was me and her there. Rayn was still leashed to the Post and I was still in that dam cage. And silly bratty Rayn clicks on the door of the cage. Not only did she open the cage but she was not in mouse lock as I was. Grrrr. . Shockingly we both freaked out over it worried we both were dead (Rolls eyes nothing was even said lol ) At this time we were both in Ims not only worried about it but laughing about it. ( personally I think she meant to open it just to get locked up tighter) I also think it was this that truly started are friendship.

So there I was fully isolated except for Ims. And the only people I am in Ims with is Lady Shibari and Rayn I am hardly seen Yasmin. And Sam well lets just say that wasn’t the cage that smelt bad. To top it off that place was a mad house. I mean people in and out at all times. If I had not knowing better I would have thought it was the Stonehaven Drug house. And they had the good stuff

Two weeks into this and still in that cage. I log on and am shocked no one is at the house. Well except for Sam who was hogtied outside and blindfolded. I start talking over the gag as if I am talking to Yasmin . Sam is freaking out thinking Yasmin is ignoring her and I am laughing my ass off. Sam finally logs off and I can breath freely the smell gone.

I sigh as I see Sam log off. There I am 2 weeks into this and still caged. Me and Rayn have got closer as me and lady Shibari had. But basically I was not enjoying this and to top it off I had figured out Yasmin game. Her game was simple and to the point why it took me this long to figure it out was anyone’s guess. Her game was to keep me there until I one asked for release. I was not going to give her that pleasure. Or two wait until I cheated out. Well I was about to cheat out but not let her have that pleasure so fast. I click on all my cuffs and do my reset trick I knew to reset them in RLV with out notifying the owner of the keys. ( no I wont tell you how to-do it. Don’t work now anyway ) I tp out of the cage thinking I had escaped undetected. Not knowing that the cage says when someone cheats out ( dam scripter ) I log off head over to SL web site and ( yes now) made a Alt. I log on as Yar again and transfer all my stuff to the new alt. log off and leave Yar thinking Yar is now dead. As far as I am concern its PAY BACK TIME.

Blog not Dead

This blog is not dead I assure you. I am just having a hard time doing the next part. Every time I do it don’t come out right. I will get it up. Within say 48 hours.

Am I Famous?

Now as I said before I logged from sl with the feeling something had to be done. I sat there and thought about what I could do. I was not able to aggravate Yasmin with Shasta. Rayn would talk to me when she was in fear. ( sighs yea the small crush died at this point I know fast ) No one feared little old cheating Shasta. So I sit there looking at the log in screen thinking of what to-do. I snap my fingers with a idea. I head to the Second Life homepage And very fast ( because I had done it how many times now? ) set up yup you guessed it a Alt.

I log on as Yar Telling ( you get the Telling joke now from before? ) a fresh new alt. I spend the time needed to set it up .Ao Hair skin all that good stuff. I head on over to Stonehaven. With the idea to use Yar to aggravate Yasmin and use Shasta to get close to her. No I really had no clue what good any of this would do but sounded like a good idea.

I land at Stonehaven in the little landing box. Not even did I step out of that box I saw her on radar Yasmin Heartsdale. This was to good to be true I send her a fast IM and act like I know her. She falls for it hook line and sinker. Now the funny part is with in that 10 min conversation She had somehow thought I was Marine Kelly’s alt. Did I tell her the truth? Did I correct her in any way? Ohhh hell no I was at that instant FAMOUS . At least as far as Yasmin believed. This could work she thinks im Marines alt Giggles. I log off and back on as Shasta not wanting to push my luck to far the 1st day. I am feeling good I head to the patio with cuffs on and keys out knowing I could defeat the world. I even went and saw Rayn and made her feel safer.


I spend the next few days login in as Yar and Shasta switching them back and forth. My other avi Kitt pretty much dead. Was never used again I don’t think. Using Shasta to not let anyone think I was Yar. And using Yar to slowly drive Yasmin Nuts. With in a day or so I had her fully convinced I was Marine Kelly’s alt. To the point she was Imin me every chance she got to try and nudge it out of me if I really was her. See I never told her I was. I just never told her I wasn’t..

There was also a Stonehaven Slave auction coming up about the same time all this took place. I had even sworn as Yar that if I won Yasmin in this auction I would tell her who I was. Well I didn’t 1st my friend never lent me the money he said he was going to. And 2nd I think it would have went bad for both of us if I had ( and nope I will not tell you what I had planned for her. Lets just say LIMIT pusher )

Now me and Yasmin were having allot of run ins with each others. Both as Shasta and as Yar (aka Marine Kelly ) There 2 events that I fully remember. The 1st one as Shasta makes me laugh still. I was up at Yasmins house as Shasta bugging Rayn and Yasmin and somehow Yasmin got my cuff keys. Well long story short she had me jump over the fence nude down to the patio below. And wanted me to stay there until the timers ended. Sadly I made some excuse to her . Something alone the lines that every time I logged my timers reset. Yes I could have just cheated out of them and she would had not knowing any better. But I wanted to bug her so I talk her into coming to release me. To be honest looking back I wish I hadn’t and had lived through that. Not only did I lie but I lost the enjoyment of some real fun. The second event that took place as Yar I recall clear as day. I could latterly show you the spot it took place on. The clothes I had on and the way my cuffs were locked. I think I recall this so clearly because Yasmin had for the 1st time scared the holy crap out of me. We were in the middle of the Stonehaven field. I can still see the latex she had on. She had just gotten Yars keys and had locked her in a 6 u shape lock. There she stood staring strait at me. I forget the full conversation but I do recall the words that almost made me log shaking. Yasmin stood there and I could tell….Feel how calm she was as she said. You will tell me who you really are in 24 hours. Or I will leave you in the darkest deepest pit in SL that you will never get out of. Now could she have really done this? Well no of course not. Did I fully believe she could and or would? Ohh hell yes I did. Would she if she could? Naww she is a big softy. 

Right after that say with in 10 mins I realized it was time to back off of Yasmin. She was about to loose her grip. And I was in her line of fire

I log back in as Shasta. Ooops mistake I logged in as Yar and didn’t catch the mistake in time. I head to the patio fully thinking I am Shasta ( I was tired its not that hard of a mistake to make) Sitting there board as hell I decide to set my own auto locks. I didn’t set a timer my plan was to have them lock unlock them then blame people for it. You know start a little drama.

I sit there for about 30 mins and poof the auto locks go off. I bitch for a min and type /77 . For those who don’t know what that is it’s a command to bring up your cuff menus fast. I type it ready to unlock myself. Before I can Sam grasp my keys. Ohh wonderful I think this is one of Yasmins girls. I so much at the point wanted to log off but I don’t. Sam firstly changes my cuffs and hogties me. Leashing me and pulling me up to Yasmins house. At this point this was the last place I wanted to be .I am just about to hit the log off button and who shows up no other then Yasmin herself. For some strange reason at this point I had something to prove. Not to myself but to Yasmin that she couldn’t scare me even though I was really scared. There I was leashed and locked to a post in Yasmins house. Yasmins and Sam both giving me shit about wanting to be on my knees and stuff. Yasmin takes my keys from Sam. And relocks my cuffs. Gags me and changes the text on my collar to YASMINS BITCH. Ohhhh I was now Pissed off I was thinking of ways to burry her in Sl for 1 I really didn’t like collars at that point nor was I Yasmins Bitch. Nor would I ever be hers at all. At this point I am removed from the post. Thinking to myself I knew they were all talk I am getting released. Wrong I am caged gagged blindfolded and deafen and fully blocked in ML.

Now I know what your thinking I did 1 make a alt. No I did not. 2 log on as Shasta . No I didn’t do that ether. 3 cheat out. Nope. No I did none of this at this point I had something to prove to her. And looking back. To myself as well. What I did do even shocks me to this day. I log off of Sl steaming mad. I close down Shasta’s account and all the other alts. I have came to a point I had to prove I could deal with this. And I knew it would show that everything Rayn had said about me was wrong.

A Fast Break.

Before I move on I wish to clear some stuff up. 1st I am giving Goddess Yasmin allot of grief in the next blogs to come. Do I regret what I did. Yes to a extent. But I would never change it because it leads me to where I am now. Also I talk about some events that at the time I was to self absorbed to enjoy. I look back now at photos. One of my collar that says Yasmins Bitch. And am proud of it now. I also look at it and it saddens me. For the sheer reason….. That I missed out on some wonderful enjoyment. Sometimes I wish I could relive those few days. For the mere fact of enjoying it. I might not say it but I learned allot from what went on. And I recommend to anyone that finds themselves where I was to let the anger and frustration go. And to truly enjoy it. Don’t loose that chance a chance you only get one time. ….. And Goddess love you. And hope nothing in the next few blogs upset you. But as I know you would want and Expect honesty. So hear is the rest of the story.