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The start of a Second Life

I have landed in the mist of the unknowing (Help Island ) I take those 1st few steps and wince , I walk and look like a duck out of water. Feel the same way as well. I look around for it I do not see it. My friend said something about a teleport. I have no clue what this is or how to get it.

I walk around wincing at each step. Wondering if this is the place for me to be. Trying to figure out what I am doing. And not doing a good job at it. Blue pop up …Come join me in… That must be the teleport. I take it black screen the 1st of many in SL.

I land in a new place in SL Looking right at my friend. She looks so good as she stands there. She takes a few steps towards me. How? How does she walk so well. She speaks to me and welcomes me to SL. 4-6 hours later I stand next to her new skin new hair. Walking like a duck in water ( crappy ao at the time. ) ALLOT better understanding of SL and the functions of it.

Over the next few weeks we laugh we giggle we cry we explore SL. I am happy second life is wonderful.

4 weeks to my rez date. I am happy I so much want share this date with my friend. I log on and IM her. With in a few words I can tell something is wrong. I tp to her in a rush. With few words she tell me she must leave SL do to personal RL reasons I can not share here.

The day I Was so happy about. Had turned into the day I wish I never had. We spend several hours crying and holding each others. Few words are spoke between us. The words finally come that I pray never will. She must log off. The good byes are said. She logs off and my SL crumbles. My one and only friend in SL gone I sit there and cry for what seems like hours. I log off SL with no need or want to return…

Something new…Something shared …

Today the start of something new .The sharing of my SL with you

As I share this SL with you . You will learn about Goddess Yasmin Heartsdale The one and only. About Rayn my wife here in SL. About my friends. And about me my thoughts my wants and my needs. And you will learn I’m a shitty speller and writer lol. What you are about to read is fact not fiction, Though some of it may seem fast because the dull parts don’t mean anything. I will try and keep the ramblings down. So here we go

Before we start though would like to state. I have made many mistakes with in my time here. Do I regret them YES. Do I hurt because of them YES. Have I hurt others with them. More then I would like to say, Did I at the time have reasons for making them? Shrugs reasons I believed at the time were right. Would I change it NO. Because those mistakes lead me to this point in time