Due to something that was talked about with me in RL concerning BDSM and limits. and the harm they can do when broke. I have been pushing myself on a few limits. Such as nudity. Yet there are 1 or 2 that Even myself i dont push for my RL health reason. I have allowed 1 person in SL to push those limites as she sees fit. But thats becouse behind the scene there is more.

We all have limites and each limit may have a differnt degree  to weather or not we can or do push it. The degree of these limites are as followed.

Hard Limit – something that must not be done. Violating a hard limit is often considered just cause for ending a scene or even a relationship.

Soft Limit – something that someone will do only in special circumstances or when highly aroused.

“Must” limit – something that a person will not do the scene without.

Time limit – an amount of time after which play ceases.

No Limits – the dominant may do anything he or she cares to with the submissive. This is usually a sign of an inexperienced player who does not yet know what their limits are. In reality, even the most hardened and experienced players have limits. “No limits” play is more the stuff of porn and thriller movies than in actual, real-life BDSM. This is also sometimes used as a term for TPE or Total Power Exchange.

Now with in SL. I have giving myself to Goddess with the term No Limites. But as i stated before I do have limites. So why say no Limites with Goddess? Becouse Goddess is aware of my RL emoninal state.And the RL effects it has on me.Weather they be good or bad. And as stated before behind the scene there  is more. For a example Nudity witch we have all seen her push. Her stripping me or leaving me nude. What you dont see is behind the scene. The IMs from Goddess making sure I am ok . The power to tell Goddess its enough and know she will let it end. The limit has also been discussed before hand many times over before pushing it.

Now as I stated above I have 2 HARD Limites. 1 I wont talk about as it just cant be done in SL so there no reason to bring it up here. The second is Isolation.  1st ill explain what Isolation means to me as it seems to be differnt for everyone.

Isolation to most in SL means the blocking  of everything IM chat hearing maybe even seen. having no one around a full cut off of SL.To me Isolation is even less then that. To me isolation is as simple as been left in a cell with no one around and nothing todo. IMs does not count as something todo. Some do this just fine as most will script when there bored or build or whatever. I do not do any of those.

SL is about interaction with people. The abilty to comunicate with people be with people. If I wana sit and look at the same scene for hours and hours and be alone I can simply shut down the computer.

As of right now due to a RL Issue. even the thought of the smallest amount of Isolation is freaking me out. Goddess is aware of it as well. So with that said I am placeing a limit on my Isolation play or the attempt at it.

If a scene leades to me been left in a cage with no one around for more then 2 hours.Even if I have IMs im done.If you do cage me and LOg off for the night/day. and its in a place no one is around I am done.

I am sorry for sounding harsh on this.But as of right now I am using SL as a escape from some RL Issues..And sitting alone I mentaly can not do it .I will never cheat out of cuffs as long as struggle is allowed. But if I am caged in a place with no one around For more then the time stated above.I will do as needed to remove myself from it. As I said I can not mentaly take it. As it will dive me deeper into depression.

Lock me cuff me do as you wish. Just skip the isolation 😛

To All my friends and family Love you ALL


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