A Kidnapping

As of now I was more then aggravated with SL. And more then pissy with Rayn. And a little bothered by Yasmin.

Logging on one day I go in search of Rayn. Shockingly I find her no place at all. With a sigh and a huff I head back up to the patio. With in mins of getting to the patio I receive a IM from Rayn. Saying she had got herself kidnapped by Yasmin. And also stated she was to be giving away to fawn. Now I had seen fawn around from time to time but had not really knowing her at all . Course Rayn didn’t know that giggles. At first I ignored her IM really not caring at this point .Until it hit me like a lead pipe. Did she say Yasmin!!! I message her back just to verify it. Yup it was Yasmin At this point I logged off just to cool off.

I log back on awhile later. And to be honest I don’t recall if it was the same day or a day later. I receive a urgent IM from Rayn. She was concern and worried because Fawn had taking her to the Stonehaven wardens hall. Now for you who don’t know what that is it’s a place only wardens can enter with guest. It has a bed and some bdsm toys in there.



I instantly IM Fawn. And ask her for Rayn’s keys of course Fawn said no sort of as I expected she would. So been the cool person I am I ignore Rayns ims at 1st and keep fawn talking . Telling her a few nasty rumors about Rayn.

Now I am sure your asking what the point of it was to tell rumors about Rayn to Fawn. The answer is simple I am dumb and it made me feel better .Seen as I am getting no place with fawn I decided to talk to Rayn. I was shocked she sounded not like the bratty girl I knew. But as someone with real worries. Rayn was upset confused and scared. At this point something snapped in me and I just wanted to make sure she was ok. The worse I said to her at that point was that I hoped she like long term lock up because fawn and Yasmin were into that. Not truly knowing that they were ( to a extent )

The next day I log on and fly to Rayn who is now at Yasmin house in Stonehaven Talking to her I firstly learn that she is to be be there for awhile. This news has just aggravated me to no end. So I come up with the idea to Aggravate Yasmin enough to maybe get her to release Rayn. Now I am sure your asking why did I want Rayn release. Didn’t I hate her? Well no I think I was starting to fall for her at this point.

Now I don’t recall all the ways I tried to annoy Yasmin. But I do recall you simple CANT aggravate her. And lord knows I tried and tried. From hanging out at her house to bug her. To the one day that change allot for us. I was sitting on the Stonehaven patio and who shows up no other then Yasmin herself. She was in a fight with someone else. No I don’t recall who. But her and her whole gang was there. Yasmin Fawn Sam and a few others. Sitting there hearing this argument was really starting to get to me. So I caged her…… The other person Yasmin was fighting with.(bangs head on desk ) Sighs. I still recall Yasmin words . !Thanks Hun but I don’t need that!. At this point I so wanted to shout. THE CAGE WAS FOR YOU. But I don’t I sit there and keep my mouth shut. I am now pissed at her and myself. I log off. Something HAD to be done

A new Stonehaven A new adventure

Now as I was spending time in GHUL as a guard Stonehaven kept calling my name. Now I know what your thinking, Why not just head over to Stonehaven as Kitt. Was it because Kitt was now a male AVI? No not at all that didn’t bug me. What bugged me was people knew Kitt as 1 a head strong guard. And 2 as a alt to a few other alts ( sighs )

So with that in mind I do something Amazing. ( Not really more like Amazingly dumb ) I create a Alt. I name this alt Shasta and why the name Shasta? Simply because I was running out of names to make Avis and I was drinking Shasta soda at the time.

Now to be honest I don’t recall if it was 1-2 or 3 weeks I was there as Shasta. Before I realized Stonehaven just didn’t feel like home anymore. I was also slowly loosing my enjoyment for Ghul as well. Seen as Ghul was now becoming all men. The thrill and excitement leaving me. So I came up with a idea. ( insert rude comment here about it not been a alt ) I simply give up caring.

I spend most of my day getting locked up and cheating out not caring who knew. Heck I was looking for ways to cheat. Getting blocked by cuffs pffft didn’t mean anything . Had a work around with that. Mouselock was also a joke as it didn’t effect me with the tricks I new. Blindfolds were also a joke as I found out removing the HUD prevented you from going blind. And no I wont tell you the tricks. For one 99% of them have since been fixed ( you rock Marine Kelly ) And the other 1% are just that cheats so don’t ask I am not telling. ( At least I am not Telling yet. You’ll get this joke later )

Now spending your time as a cheat might sound fun at 1st . But to be honest it wasn’t.. One night sitting on the Stonehaven patio working on a cheat I had discovered. A cheat to reset and remove your cuffs with out logging into SLV. ( no it was fixed it don’t work now don’t ask ) Sitting there low and behold who comes and sits next to me . No other then Rayn Halfpint. Now feeling as I was it wasn’t long before I sent Rayn a IM simply saying . Don’t give me any shit. Her response was a simple hu? At the point I explain to her who I was, And received a simple I don’t care.

Now having Rayn say those words at that time did nothing more then piss me off to no end. Over the next few days I did nothing more then try to aggravate Rayn in anyway I could. From spreading rumors about her and her love for animals. To just been rude when she was around. And trying my hardest to not be aggravated my self by the other person who seem to always be around. A Yasmin Heartsdale yes the same one as before.

Unknowing to Yasmin or Rayn or myself. Yasmin was about to turn all are lives upside down and inside out.

A Idea A Mistress A falling out.

Having wolfy free was strange. I hit Stonehaven with the idea to have fun and move on with life.

The 1st week is easy to sum up I spent most of my time with Pey hanging out at Stonehaven. But I was slowly starting to miss my friends at GHUL as well. So I decided to log on as Kitt for a few hours every day. But had changed Kitt into a male avi and went to Ghul . Not as a inmate but as a guard. I am not gone go into details about Kitts now 2nd life in Sl. Because it was mostly GHUL guard rp and it was pretty boring stuff.

As me and Pey hung out at Stonehaven we slowly came up with a idea to start making collars, Pey and I were getting pretty good at it fast. ( Ok ok I am lying here Pey was getting good at it I was just good at looking good. Ohhh yea I was HOT to trot. ) Anyway Pey was getting good at the collar stuff as I was pretending to know what I was doing.

One night as me and Pey were testing out a new collar we made ( Ok SHE made.) . We run into this lady. Who seems very nice and very informed on business issues. We will call her Z for now . Z talked to us for several days about are idea and about her business ideas. We fast became a 3 some partnership

Pey started spending most of her time on the collars as me and Z started to get close. One night Z admitted to me she was a he in rl. Now this didn’t bug me at all and we carried on from there are friendship and closeness growing fast. To the point she offered me a trial collar. And I took it easy with out thinking strait ( like I have thought strait at all so far. Rolls eyes ) I was now again collared by someone fast just for the feel of it and the need to be excepted.

Z was not very controlling at all and I basically had all the free time I wanted. Most spent at Stonehaven or logged on as Kitt in the Ghul jail. Of course no one knew that Kitt was back at all.

One night not thinking (shrugs or maybe I was thinking ) I logged on as Kitt and went and faced BJ with the news. Telling her everything from the alts to the new Mistress to the deep feelings had for Rayn. What I got back was a good luck in life a pat on the back and a goodbye. Personally I think she ran to Rayn right after with the news. In hopes of keeping Rayn away from me. And to be honest I cant blame her for that ( I did at the time ) I would have done the same. But I logged off that night feeling good about what I had just done.

A few days later I log on and get a message from Z to please come talk to her. Been the good sub I am I wait 2 hours then tp to her. And ask her what’s up. No we were not on a yes Mistress no Mistress platform. As I said she was not controlling at all. looking back now not into D/s allot really.

The words she spoke to this day still make me grumble in hate. Her words were simple yet at that point hit home hard . She simply said . Wolfy to show your trust in me I wish for you to hand over your credit card numbers. Been the person I am ( NO I did not give her them sheesh I am not that dump. Stop thinking ahead of the story ) Been the person I am I log off pissed as hell What was Z thinking?? I stayed logged off for a day. When I finally do log on I go to Z. Knowing what I thought I knew about D/s I ask for release. Her answer was simple. NO. I log off pissed again. She cant do this to me I think so I log on and send her a IM . Again asking her for release and getting the same answer. I log off and log on as Kitt to cool off. I hit Stonehaven as Kitt to make some trouble. As I get there I see her yes HER. The domme who drove me nuts before. Yasmin Heartsdale. I log off with a sigh and remain off for the next 2 days.

After 2 days I log back on as Wolfy cool and collected. And approach Z and ask for release. Her answer been the same NO. I calmly take off the collar (not been in rlv at the time .) Place it at her feet and log off. And flip my computer the middle finger. ( yea it did do some good it made me feel better so :PP ) Leaving Z. Pey. And the collar business behind. I had had enough of it. I spend about a week logged on simply as Kitt. Until Stonehaven starts to call my name again.

The Rayn and BJ Times

Now understand the time with BJ and Rayn was awesome. Sighs who am I kidding it was as bad as Ghul. It wasn’t long before me and Rayn were about to kill each others. BJ is boring the crap out of me. And I am spending most of my time logged on as Wolfy anyway. Life does not look good.

I decided not to make this part as long as I was going to because think it can be summed up pretty fast.

Most of the time spent with BJ and Rayn was spent in a cell. Now this been no different then been at GHUL prison with Wolfy. And at this point in time I hated cages still. The only real difference was. That I was having more fun as Wolfy then I was as Eagle. The time spent as eagle was most of the time with BJ yakking about her friends this and that. Yawns. Rayn was hardly really around and when she is I could tell she hated that I was there. She was rude bratty and just down right unpleasant.

So I came up with a scheme to get rid of her. Well at least away to keep her busy for awhile. I told her and talked her into taking the sub quest. Knowing it would keep her busy for at least a week.

Sadly in doing this I made my frustration more. By keeping the one busy who was the reason I agreed to this dam idea. I did start to slowly open up to BJ. I at one point admitted my feelings for Rayn. What I got back was a simple reminder at that point that Rayn belonged to BJ. Sadly this made me more unhappy and could tell Rayn was also not happy I was there.

Wile logged on with eagle I received a IM from Pey That Stonehaven was moving. This brought a tear to my eye and I know I had to-do something. Had to because for me moving somehow transmitted in my mind as closing down. So I did something I thought was very smart at the time ( NO I did NOT make A alt shheesh I know you were thinking that) No what I did was remove Rayn and BJ from wolfys friends list. Broke her out of jail and hit Stonehaven with her. Hardly ever logging on with Eagle again. Basically dumping Rayn and BJ. ( woohoo down to one AVI now rolls eyes )

The Eagle and Wolf Collide.

Its been about a week now since Eagle came alive. I have told Pey of my alt and she accepts it. I am back spending my time half at Stonehaven with friends . And half at the Ghul prison making friends there.

Me and Pey spend most of are time just making trouble and submitting to the wana bee Doms. Nothing to thrilling or exciting is going on at this time. One night sitting up near the castle I overhear this women talking . She makes me clinch with every word she says. She sounds like a know it all. Her name is Yasmin Heartsdale and she is making me hate dommes with her words. I am getting aggravated the more she speaks. I log off Sl in a hissy

I log back on as Wolfy to spend some jail time alone. And to unwind from what the Domme was saying. I notice that BJ is online so I send her a message asking how Rayn is. We talk for over a hour about Rayn and about the crappy roll play there in the jail.

The next day sitting there in the jail as wolfy. I get a surprise BJ and Rayn are there to Visit and talk to me about breaking me out. I am a little shocked at all this. A fast insertion here. To tell you how bratty Rayn was (still is) With in a half hour of this visit. She gets banned from the sim for making the warden sit like a female. ( please don’t ask how I never asked I don’t want to know. Lets just leave it at that.) They leave from there visit and leave me to my thoughts.

I am in a mind spin BJ and Rayn wish me to finish my jail term with them. But how to-do this is the question. 1 I could break out. No to mush work and I would get caught. 2 I cheat out and leave the jail. No then why would I finish it with BJ and Rayn.3 I ask to be transferred to them. No this sounds silly. I finally come up with a idea I simply Create a alt ( No I don’t just joking) What I do is I give them Eagle. With the understanding that when Wolfy is out she dies. So here we have I Wolfy finishing her 4 months in GHUL . Eagle serving Rayn and BJ . Life looked good.

A fast pause and a head count.

Lets take a fast pause here and do a head count. So far we have 1 KITT. Who was my 1st SL Avi. We have Wolfy who is now doing 4 months in jail on murder charges. And now we have Eagle who is free to live a normal SL life ( yea as if ).(If you think this is bad. Look at it this way. We are NOT done yet )

Now hitting play again and back to are story.

Murder and the escape of the Eagle.

While sim exploring I came onto a sim called GHUL Jail. Looking around I saw it was based on prison term role-play with courts dates and all that jazz. The thought of this brought a rush through me . I vastly sent them my note card telling them I wished to be a inmate for a unlimited amount of time. ( Yea yea I know I don’t think some times ) With in a few days I was arrested and sent to GHUL Prison. My court date set for 2 weeks later I was arrested on SL murder charges.

During my 2 weeks I sit and wait for my court date. The Role-play is dull and I am getting very little yard time. But I am determine to stick it out. Pey my good friend gets arrested as a drunk to come visit me. Seen her brings a tear to my eye my court date now in 2 days.

My court date is here and the role-play for it has picked up. Standing in the court room with two guards a lawyer and the judge, The judge ask me how I plead . I tell him to screw off. I mean it is RP after all. The judge informs me of all the evidence against me my lawyer pleads with me in my ear ..Ims… To just plead guilty and get out sooner. Since the inside role-play as I said was getting dull I plead guilty on all charges. And am sentenced to 4 months. 4 MONTHS!!! I yell I cant do 4 months in here I thought a week maybe. Back in my cell I contemplate my state.

I have a few choices as far as I can tell at this moment. 1 I can stick it out and most likely hate SL with in a few weeks and never return. This is not a good option. Option 2 I cheat out and say screw them and go on with SL life. This is also not a option as I have Morals and promised I would stick it out. ( Ohhh sure NOW I have morals. Sighs. ) Option 3 I beg them to release me or lower my time Telling them its to much. Again this not a option as it would be giving up. So I take option 4 the only one I can take. The only one any sane person would do (rolls eyes) . I log off SL and….. Create a alt. I name her Eagle since she is free as a eagle.

A new place New Friends.

As me and Pey explore more and more of SL and its many sights. We come upon a sim named Stonehaven.

Stonehaven at the time small was filled with what I can only call wonders of SL. Cages traps Bdsm until your ears explode.

The 1st day we arrive there Pey has to log almost right away. Me there alone left in the midis of BDSM I slap on a pair of cuffs with keys out I explore. With in a hour I am cuffed and caged by some other female. I am loving this Pey is no where around and yet I am having a blast. The next few weeks I spend every moment I can at Stonehaven, Most of the time inside the cage room. I would get cuffed caged and locked. Then Cheat out Yes I said it cheat out. Sighs bad to start but for me the lock up was the best part.

Pey spends most of her time there with me doing her crazy part time sub play . I recall one night when she was dressed as a green flying horse with huge wings. Getting pulled around Stonehaven in a hogtie yelling for my help. Of course I am laughing to hard to help her and so is half the sim so we let her live through it. Slowly I start to consider Stonehaven my home. A place I would return to many times over.

With in time the thrill of the cuffs and cages start to die off. I lose the cuffs and head out to explore a bit of my domme side. One night wandering around the vendor in Stonehaven This is most important. Because it causes events to unravel in ways no one can imagine..

I run into this girl who stands out from everyone else. With her sweet innocent look her what can only be called lost look in her eyes draws me to her. Her name is as innocent as she looks Rayn Halfpint. I immediately grab her keys and lock her up. She starts thowing what can only be called one hell of a hissy fit.

With Rayn at me feet. I am in a daze . For one she is not the Innocent sweet girl she looked like (at least not with those words she was using ) For two I am at a lost of what the hell I am going to do with her now. So I do what any good domme there would do ( Rolls eyes that’s a sarcastic remark ) I leave her there and head for the cage room in search of someone else.

Within a few moments I receive a demanding and very ooc IM to please come unlock her. I return to Rayns side and unlock her cuffs. All the time getting a earful from her so I leave and head back to the cage room. Not knowing to me at the time I had somehow kept her keys.

A few hours later me and Pey are up near the castle. When I over hear someone saying a sub got in trouble. Out of curiosity I head down to take a look. I stop dead in my tracks as I see Rayn kneeling down before what she was calling her Mistress. I realize what is going on and what they are talking about. Her keys that I have. I send the Mistress who we will call BJ from now on a message and explain to her its my fault and return the keys.. At this point BJ and Rayn tp away. A few moment later I receive a very kind message from Rayn. This message is a simple thank you for saving her ass.

I did not see Rayn around Stonehaven at all after that . Me and Pey continue to have good times there for awhile. Until I started to wonder what else was out there. So one night a I went sim exploring alone

A new start A new friend (Peyote Short)

Over the next few weeks we explore talk and laugh. She has showing me that true friends can be found in SL. And has taught me not to give up. She has helped me get a new AO (this time I don’t walk like a duck in water ) but I keep my old skin. we start to explore the many aspects of BDSM. From what there is to shop for. To all the places there are to play in.. I am finally starting to get the hang of SL bdsm thanks to her help. Now you must understand that as I am Pey is a bondage slut. But besides the bdsm we spend hours talking about RL and what are futures held. Over the time we spent together many fetishes were shared. She had one of been kidnapped and forced into slavery. Sooo with that in mind and a collar in hand. I TP Pey to what we had made are play dungeon.

Having just Tped Pey into the dungeon. I grabbed her key and lock her in a spread pose. And force a collar onto her. Collaring my 1st sub. Now understand me and Pey are allot alike. To the point where she wore the collar but was not 100% sub to me. But as friends it seem to work out great.

About a week into this. Still unsure of what I am doing as a domme. And with what could only be called one of the craziest subs in SL. I issue a task that would be are undoing. To put simple I lock’ gag’ blindfold’ deafen’ Pey. And tp her into a very crowded club and order her to find a release. Realize at this time we did not know of mystic or radars or of channel listeners. So for all she new she was alone.

Two days into the task she is still there. I resent and tp to her. And unlock her. After along talk. About what we both were into really and what we both wanted from this. I released her not as a friend but only as a sub. Ohh we had plenty more bondage fun and bondage time.

Times are great. And so is are friendship. At this point in time nothing more could be asked for. We spend days together just the 2 of us. ( for now)

A new start. My 1st alt

Its been A week since I logged out of SL. I sit down at my computer and log on. My friend still gone. The pain of her not been there. Still there though. Am not sure should be here. I spend the day and wander. Getting Imed from people who knew my friend. I cant take it. I log off crying. I sit there staring at the SL log in screen. Knowing I cant return and face that. So I create a Alt.

The 1st few days back I do nothing more then wonder. I feel alone and lost. Refusing to talk to anyone. I didn’t feel like I belong there anymore. I find some places to hang out. But nothing feels right.

One day I am sitting at house Nishi and see this other girl. I watch her from a far read her profile. She is new but what draws me to her is her collar. She looks allot like my friend as well. I send her a fast hello. Afraid of what will be said I Am still depressed at this point. She is friendly and funny . We talked for hours that night. She explained her collar and RLV. We set a date to hook up.

For the 1st time since my friend left I felt good. Logging off I thought maybe 2nd life deserved a 2nd chance.