T&T Belt

Ok a fast blog of something that at least I think is cool

A few nights ago was out on the patio at Stonehaven with family and of course  Goddess, Goddess locks Jill’s and Teys T&T belt. I chuckle to myself as I had avoided getting into one of those and was pretty happy I did. Why is it when ever I am over confident about something it changes?. Amway right as I chuckle to myself Goddess mentions that since I don’t have one the I can spend some time at the force sit camping area. Now I have been force sat there before hell have been many places. But a fast check of the map showed that place to be pretty busy. And to be hoist I really didn’t feel like some noobe with there dick hanging out using me. So thinking fast to fast I come up with a small plan to distract Goddess.

I tell Goddess that ill go get a belt not a problem. Of course been tired I thought this would distract her long enough to get involved in something else. Nope she orders me to go get one. I head off to get it get to the vendor and pay for it its taking awhile to deliver. I think good longer for her to get involve with someone else and forget this idea. I tp back to her still waiting for it to be delved she not involved with anything. I tell her I am going to relog real fast. In away hopping the vendor had screwed up and wouldn’t deliver this silly belt. I log back in and the belt gets delved.

Ok now that I got the belt I figured how bad can it be. No sex would be better then noobe sex at this point. So I slip the belt on and make Goddess owner of it of course. Thinking he will just chastise me and that be end of it. Ohh she locked it all right but didn’t chastise me. Instead she strips me right there on the patio. Blocks wear and unwear (groans ) and then to top it off orders my sisters to take me to the spot I thought I had just avoided. As I am force sat there and locked I realize something. Trickery does not work with Goddess

Now for those of you who know me know I have a issue with nudity, Yes I know this sounds strange to most . But my issue is not the fact I am shy or anything but the fact its simply overdone. I like to leave something to peoples imagination. And I really hate just walking around nude (blushes ) Now getting locked like this and forced to be nude was really turning me on. Not the nudity in itself no but the pure fact it was pushing a limit button  And I had clearly lost control of something I had taking for granted. The simple ability to dress. So I spent the next 2 and a half days forced nude. Having my limit pushed. And that’s what was turning me on. Yes Goddess could have just ordered me to stay nude of course. But the mere fact that I couldn’t. and I would have to wait until Goddess Allowed it whether I wanted it or not was the turn on.. The fact I could try all I wanted but it wasn’t going to happen. No sneak around no wearing clothes for 10 minutes to sneak into a sim. It simple was I was going stay nude one way or another. ( groans )

All of these events were topped off with a 2nd order that night . A order for bedtime. And I think ill keep that order to myself. All ill say about it is GHAAAA that just made the shall we say Excitement; Frustration Better.

2 comments so far

  1. Rayn Halfpint on

    I love you, Slut! You also forgot to mention that you made me ask Goddess if you could get dressed “to go someplace special” with me.

  2. Yar Telling on

    MADE YOU?… lol brat.. rollseyes

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