A new start A new friend (Peyote Short)

Over the next few weeks we explore talk and laugh. She has showing me that true friends can be found in SL. And has taught me not to give up. She has helped me get a new AO (this time I don’t walk like a duck in water ) but I keep my old skin. we start to explore the many aspects of BDSM. From what there is to shop for. To all the places there are to play in.. I am finally starting to get the hang of SL bdsm thanks to her help. Now you must understand that as I am Pey is a bondage slut. But besides the bdsm we spend hours talking about RL and what are futures held. Over the time we spent together many fetishes were shared. She had one of been kidnapped and forced into slavery. Sooo with that in mind and a collar in hand. I TP Pey to what we had made are play dungeon.

Having just Tped Pey into the dungeon. I grabbed her key and lock her in a spread pose. And force a collar onto her. Collaring my 1st sub. Now understand me and Pey are allot alike. To the point where she wore the collar but was not 100% sub to me. But as friends it seem to work out great.

About a week into this. Still unsure of what I am doing as a domme. And with what could only be called one of the craziest subs in SL. I issue a task that would be are undoing. To put simple I lock’ gag’ blindfold’ deafen’ Pey. And tp her into a very crowded club and order her to find a release. Realize at this time we did not know of mystic or radars or of channel listeners. So for all she new she was alone.

Two days into the task she is still there. I resent and tp to her. And unlock her. After along talk. About what we both were into really and what we both wanted from this. I released her not as a friend but only as a sub. Ohh we had plenty more bondage fun and bondage time.

Times are great. And so is are friendship. At this point in time nothing more could be asked for. We spend days together just the 2 of us. ( for now)

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