A Kidnapping

As of now I was more then aggravated with SL. And more then pissy with Rayn. And a little bothered by Yasmin.

Logging on one day I go in search of Rayn. Shockingly I find her no place at all. With a sigh and a huff I head back up to the patio. With in mins of getting to the patio I receive a IM from Rayn. Saying she had got herself kidnapped by Yasmin. And also stated she was to be giving away to fawn. Now I had seen fawn around from time to time but had not really knowing her at all . Course Rayn didn’t know that giggles. At first I ignored her IM really not caring at this point .Until it hit me like a lead pipe. Did she say Yasmin!!! I message her back just to verify it. Yup it was Yasmin At this point I logged off just to cool off.

I log back on awhile later. And to be honest I don’t recall if it was the same day or a day later. I receive a urgent IM from Rayn. She was concern and worried because Fawn had taking her to the Stonehaven wardens hall. Now for you who don’t know what that is it’s a place only wardens can enter with guest. It has a bed and some bdsm toys in there.



I instantly IM Fawn. And ask her for Rayn’s keys of course Fawn said no sort of as I expected she would. So been the cool person I am I ignore Rayns ims at 1st and keep fawn talking . Telling her a few nasty rumors about Rayn.

Now I am sure your asking what the point of it was to tell rumors about Rayn to Fawn. The answer is simple I am dumb and it made me feel better .Seen as I am getting no place with fawn I decided to talk to Rayn. I was shocked she sounded not like the bratty girl I knew. But as someone with real worries. Rayn was upset confused and scared. At this point something snapped in me and I just wanted to make sure she was ok. The worse I said to her at that point was that I hoped she like long term lock up because fawn and Yasmin were into that. Not truly knowing that they were ( to a extent )

The next day I log on and fly to Rayn who is now at Yasmin house in Stonehaven Talking to her I firstly learn that she is to be be there for awhile. This news has just aggravated me to no end. So I come up with the idea to Aggravate Yasmin enough to maybe get her to release Rayn. Now I am sure your asking why did I want Rayn release. Didn’t I hate her? Well no I think I was starting to fall for her at this point.

Now I don’t recall all the ways I tried to annoy Yasmin. But I do recall you simple CANT aggravate her. And lord knows I tried and tried. From hanging out at her house to bug her. To the one day that change allot for us. I was sitting on the Stonehaven patio and who shows up no other then Yasmin herself. She was in a fight with someone else. No I don’t recall who. But her and her whole gang was there. Yasmin Fawn Sam and a few others. Sitting there hearing this argument was really starting to get to me. So I caged her…… The other person Yasmin was fighting with.(bangs head on desk ) Sighs. I still recall Yasmin words . !Thanks Hun but I don’t need that!. At this point I so wanted to shout. THE CAGE WAS FOR YOU. But I don’t I sit there and keep my mouth shut. I am now pissed at her and myself. I log off. Something HAD to be done

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  1. Yasmin Heartsdale on

    *munches popcorn still* In my defense, I really didn’t need it. Hurry up with the rest of the tale….. sheesh, like reading a Michener novel.

  2. Rayn Halfpint on

    I don’t buy any of it! I think your one and only goal at that time was to drive EVERYONE nuts! And people call me a brat? HA! Look in the mirror, Hun. You are far brattier than I ever was!

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