Blog not Dead

This blog is not dead I assure you. I am just having a hard time doing the next part. Every time I do it don’t come out right. I will get it up. Within say 48 hours.

6 comments so far

  1. Rayn Halfpint on

    You keep promising to “get it up” but I am still waiting.

  2. yartelling on

    Will you hush about *getting it up* ( we are not to that part of the story yet …winks) So just sit your ass down and wait

  3. raynhalfpint on

    😦 I would sit down but my ass is sore…from sitting on it waiting for you to finish your damned blog! 😛

  4. Corvan Nansen on

    Do I have to separate you two?

  5. yartelling on

    LOl no you do not… slaps rayn on the ass.. behave.

  6. Rayn Halfpint on


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