Shax lives! A eye opener.

I log on as Shax a fresh new alt. With pay back on my mind. I head over to Stonehaven in hopes to find Lady Shibari not to tell her who I was but to find out the brand of dagger she had on. Now you must understand the daggers were sort of like rings for Lady Shibari and Yasmin at the time. I luck out and find her click on the daggers to learn the name and make of them . A fast search and I am off to get them I find them and slap them on. Even as a noob I am looking good with them. Next the Ao I had heard Yasmin say the name of her Ao to someone. Another fast search and I am off to get it. Next the hair errmmm yea I deiced to get my own style of hair. Next my outfit I know what brand Yasmin was always wearing at that time so I head on out to get it. Almost shit when I saw the price. She must really think she is hot stuff. I buy the outfit and slap it on I also slap on a pair of cool sunglasses I am ready for my revenge.

Before heading to Stonehaven I take a day to get a house set up with a dungeon. Ohh I had plans for Yasmin. I also contact a few of my old friends and let them in on the idea. They agree to become my play subs for this little adventure. I also take the time to pick up a cc cagier Giggles ohh yes I had big plans for her. ( and hell no I wont tell you what my plans were ) Now setting everything up took 2-3 days if I recall right but it had to be done right. With everything set up I head on over to Stonehaven in search of my revenge. My heart is racing my drilling rushing.

A fast search of every inch of the sim found… nothing Yasmin was no place in sight. I log off and don’t make it back on for about 3 days. Looking back I think I was a little scared. I finally log back on and search Stonehaven again and again don’t find Her. I do this for about 3 days log on about every hour search the sim and log off pissed off I cant find her. At this point I am thinking Yasmin is scared Yar was going to take revenge. Now after about a week of searching for her and having no luck at all I was getting pissed. So I decide to change my plans again ( NO NOT A ALT ) I change my plans so if I cant find Yasmin she will certainly know I was there. I was going to be the meanest most nasty domme Stonehaven had ever had.

I start locking and caging people left and right not setting timers or anything just leaving them there. I at one point ran into Sam. And we started talking I at one point had her convinced that I was going to to buy a sim and make a bigger better Stonehaven . She was even looking for a sim for me to buy. The little….@#&%@ .Me and Sam had also got into what I call a domme war . We were trying to prove who was better. I personally just wanted her to submit to me to show Yasmin I was better then she was.

Anyway I was just been mean to everyone there making my mark still not running into the person I wanted to Yasmin. Now staying away from the rest of Yasmin pack was no problem. Mostly because I never saw them except for Sam. At the time I thought Yasmin was just keeping them locked up.

Now I know all this sounds like I am having fun but to be honest no. For one I was not finding Yasmin. For two I at the time figured I had just wrecked the little friendship me and Rayn had built. For three the people around Stonehaven were starting to hate me and I was wondering what the fuck. It seemed I was doing everything I had seen Yasmin do and yet she was liked around there. And my friends who were pretending to be my subs were also slowly getting to the point of not wanting part of it.

So with my sl coming down I decide to move on and head out. I hit the other bdsm sims over the next few days. But it seems I cant get Rayn out of my mind. Yes Rayn had made a hard impact on me from are talks and it was starting to hit me.


So with a heavy heart and depression over all of this hitting me I head over to Stonehaven. This time with nothing on my mind. I sit on the patio not even talking to anyone or anything. Sitting there on the patio I think the 2nd day I see a sub with a Owner they are talking the sub is very excited for some reason. This is pulling at my heart strings. I decided its over the time had come to make a huge change. I was leaving Sl. I stand out of the chair on the patio and fly off. I land on top of the Stonehaven castle.

I stand there on top of the castle staring down the place is busy yet I feel alone. I take the time to think about the adventures I had had there. And the times I wish I had not.. I think about the reasons I had really come to sl. My old friend who left the friends I had with every alt. And the loneliest I felt at that time. I was there for about to hours alone thinking. I take my computer mouse and head for the log off button. With the idea never to return. As I get there I see her out of the corner of my eye Yasmin. For some reason I didn’t hit log off I just stand there looking at her thinking she was about to rip me to shreds. She said nothing at all. I finally send her a IM to get it over with.

( The conversation I am about to show you are not the exact words. The exact words are for me and Yasmin to know but basically this is how it went. And there was no way she could tell who I was I was even using spell check to make dam sure.)

Shax: Hello Yasmin

Yas: Hello Shax

Shax: Am I in your spot?

Yas: No

Shax: Well what do you want?

Yas: Nothing

Shax: Ohh thought you were worried you had some competition

Yas: Mmmmmm no. More worried about you.

Shax: Me?

Yas: Nods. What’s bugging you Hun?

Shax: nothing is bugging me. Maybe I am bugging you.

Yas: No Hun. You are not happy at all. What’s wrong?

Shax: I am happy Yas no worries there

Yas: Mmmm no your not.

Shax: Sighs fine I am not But I am sure you got other things to-do then hear about it and its not important

Yas: I don’t and it is. What’s on your mind? 

( At this point I basically spill my guts not about my alts or that. Because I didn’t wish for her to know who I was, No I told her how I was tired of all the want to be domms and all the fake friends. And how I just couldn’t find what I wanted there. And that basically no one understood me. No I wont share that full conversation here because its not important. But what is important and I think one of the most importing things to hempen to me in sl is the rest of this conversation for it latterly open my eyes. And made me think and really made me feel cared for and that there was someone else who did care. Though at the time they were said it didn’t hit me until later as you will see. Again her words were simple as they always are but the impact she has made on my life with them can not be forgotten..)

Yas: Well have you ever gave anyone a true chance?

Shax: I give everyone a chance

Yas: No.. You don’t

Shax: Lol. I do Yas I do

Yas: You never gave me one

Shax: hu? What are you talking about?

Yas: Ohh I know who you are Hun I have since you arrived

Shax: What are you talking about Yas?

Yas: Go home Yar where you know you belong and give me that chance.

Shax: I don’t know if I can Yas. And how did you know it was me?

Yas: You can Hun. And it don’t matter does it?

Shax: No guess not

Yas: see you in a few Yar 

Poof she was gone out of sight. Leaving me standing there on the castle thinking. I at this point had Two options log off for good as I had planned. Or give someone a chance Someone who from day one I had hated. Could she be right have I not truly gave anyone a chance so far? I thought maybe it was time to give someone a chance and to let go of the hate that for some reason at that point I couldn’t recall why I even had the hate I did. Maybe there never was any true hate maybe it was something else?

Yasmin has logged off I am still standing on the top of the castle. I decided to send Sam a Im. Simply asking her to meet me at Yasmin house in 15 minutes to call off the domme war. She agreed to meet me there. I log off and log on as Yar and head over to Yasmin house. Sam arrives shortly after I could tell she was a little confused. I in short explain to her what had taking place. With in about ten minutes I am re caged rebuffed and back where I had started ( and belonged ) At this point Yasmin shows up at the house and heads towards the cage. She sends me one IM before she logs off simply saying Yas: I knew you could.

I log off as well knowing that’s its going to be alone road this time.

5 comments so far

  1. Rayn Halfpint on

    I love you hun and am glad you came back as Yar!

  2. Yasmin Heartsdale on

    And just to set the record straight, when one has twenty plus years communicating with a large number of people via email/text/cyber/whatever, the typing and the emotion behind the typing become as noticeable as a fingerprint. True, it can be “changed” and people fooled, but invariably the one hiding slips up. Its like a lie. Perhaps a white lie, but a lie nonetheless. Yar used spell check. Her grammar was beautiful. But at the core, she was still Yar. After talking to Shax for all of twenty seconds, I spotted Yar’s tell. That one little thing she does EVERY time regarding a certain topic. And No Yar, as much as I love you, I won’t tell. : ) I’ll just echo Rayn’s statement.

  3. Rayn Halfpint on

    It was her “GHAAAA!”

  4. Rayn Halfpint on

    After reading Yasmin’s post, she thinks she should have done her school project on digital DNA.

  5. yartelling on

    errrrm… I dont think i Ghaaa that day .. so wasnt that but now i wonder… lol but to be honist it dont matter happy it went how it did

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